Your Simplified Guide to Spanish Structure and its Application

  Learn What the Subjunctive is really all about....
and How to Apply it!

Written by Armand Gagnon B.A., M.A.
Illustrated by Larry Geissler, cartoonist for The Beacon newspaper

(including 50 chapters, 154 pages in length with 36 cartoons)

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Armand Gagnon's The Spanish Sampler is an excellent book which helps students to learn the Spanish language. It is concise, user-friendly, and easy to understand. It includes information which other books (including textbooks) leave out. It speaks in plain, simple English, and is a highly valuable addition to traditional materials. I highly recommend it."
Beckie Borchardt, student of Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon

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The Spanish Sampler is a great book for Spanish students because it was written as an understandable quick reference guide for Spanish grammar and its application, as well as historical origins.  As a college student, I like the simple explanations and examples. It saved me hours of study time before Spanish tests and helped me with all of my homework assignments. The book lays a meaningful foundation for understanding grammar structure, use of rules, pronouns, verb conjugations and tenses, etc.
The Spanish Sampler by Armand A. Gagnon takes the guess work out of cumbersome textbooks and makes learning of Spanish possible. I used this book as a survival guide to develop better written and verbal skills in Spanish and to fulfill my degree requirement. I think every student of Spanish should have a copy.

            Amanda Wilcox, college student, Eug
ene, Oregon

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How many times have intermediate to advanced students of the Spanish language expressed a desire to clarify their verb tenses?  Since Spanish is full of radical verbs and irregularities abound throughout the multiple tenses, 
this book The Spanish Sampler:



·        provides an in-depth historical background of Spanish vocabulary


·        clarifies both gender and number


·        establishes the rules governing written accent marks


·        delineates when to use the Indicative and Subjunctive moods


·        provides legible and easy-to-read verb charts


·        gives transferable “grammatical formulas” that apply to English as well


·        explains how English modals and helping verbs equate to Spanish


·        differentiates between formality and informality and their verb changes


·        defines the multiple uses of the menacing Spanish se


·        provides “Spanish Spreadsheets” for instant comprehension



In this handsomely cartooned volume, learn quickly how grammatical structures correlate in both
English and Spanish in this extremely reader-friendly 
“cut-to-the-chase” book, uncluttered and clearly formatted.

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Experience a New, Conceptual/Structural Approach to Language Learning!

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