10 Best Apps To Learn French

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Have you always wanted to speak French?

Do you want to understand French songs and movies?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s article, we will show you the best apps to learn French.

All of these French apps are highly effective, fun, and engaging. And they will allow you to focus on your specific goals and needs.

Also, they will not only teach you French but also immerse you in French culture.

But which one is the best French language app for you?

Let us show you their main features and benefits so you can find out!

10 Best Apps To Learn French

1. Rocket French

Rocket French app

Rocket Languages is one of the most popular language-learning platforms out there.

And it offers one of the best apps for learning French.

But does it offer what you’re looking for?

Rocket French Features

Well, one of the best things about Rocket French is the fact that it’s focused on all four language skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

Rocket French combines audio lessons, interactive exercises, and immersive stories.

It also has a voice recording tool to help you perfect your French accent.

But the app is very simple, clean, and easy to navigate. You won’t feel overwhelmed with too many features or animations.

All the tools are very helpful. There’s the Saved Vocab feature and an in-built leaderboard to make things more interesting.

And the Rocket Reinforcement activities will allow you to practice and strengthen your knowledge.

It’s a well-structured app ideal for beginners who want to take their skills to the next level.

Content and Benefits

Rocket French lessons are divided into 3 levels.

And there are also 3 sections on each level: Interactive Audio, Language & Culture, and Survival Kit.

Interactive Audio lessons are designed to build your speaking and listening skills. They are centered around casual dialogues about a variety of topics.

Language & Culture lessons will explain how the French language works. They will also give you useful cultural insights, stories, and facts.

And the Survival Kit lessons will teach you extra vocabulary and all essential phrases and terminology.

Finally, there’s a Travelogue section that will take you on a virtual tour through France!

As you can see, Rocket French is a very versatile app. But it’s very user-friendly, and lessons are linear and fluid.

Without a doubt, you’ll significantly improve your French with Rocket Languages!

Who is Rocket French Best For?

Rocket French is the best learning French app for anyone looking for structured yet versatile learning.

It’s great for beginners and intermediate French learners. Read our full Rocket Languages review.

Start your free trial of Rocket French here!

2. Frantastique

Frantastique app for learning French

Frantastique is an app to learn French based on personalized, daily lessons.

So, how does that actually work?

Frantastique Features

Frantastique has a story-based approach to teaching French.

It’s a highly immersive and unique learning experience.

According to Frantastique, their AI software adapts each lesson to the needs and level of the learner.

So, you’ll get the lessons you really need.

They are based on insightful, creative, and fun stories.

There’s also an optimized revision schedule for each learner, so you can memorize everything properly. 

Premium and Pro options offer some extra opportunities such as guidance from a teacher.

Content and Benefits

If you purchase the Frantastique app, each day you’ll receive a lesson adapted to your level, needs, and goals. You will get them straight to your app.

So, this program isn’t designed to rush you through the curriculum. It’s made to teach you French step-by-step.

You’ll also learn through funny stories with up-to-date topics and authentic cultural references. And you’ll work on your reading and grammar.

All speakers have native accents, so you’ll learn the correct pronunciation as well.

When you finish the course, you’ll get a certificate of completion, which is also a benefit.

Frantastique clearly isn’t a typical language learning app. But it’s definitely reliable and well-made.

It isn’t very gamified or full of extra features but rather focused on microlearning (only 15 minutes per day), personalized learning, and progress.

Who is Frantastique Best For?

Frantastique is a great learning source for people who don’t want to rush with their French classes.

And it’s ideal for anyone who prefers short and simple daily lessons.

3. Mondly

Mondly French

On the other hand, Mondly offers a bunch of fun and innovative features.

So, if you like gamified language apps, you should definitely check it out.

Mondly Features

Mondly is one of the first companies to develop virtual reality language learning.

But you can also opt for the standard Mondly app.

So, there are currently four Mondly French apps to choose from Mondly, Mondly Kids, Mondly VR, and Mondly AR.

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll work on your pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, and reading.

Mondly features high-quality audio lessons, interactive exercises, and helpful study tools.

And you’ll be earning points and completing levels, which is also a game-like element.

The platform offers some free content, but the paid version has a lot more to offer.

Content and Benefits

The Mondly French app is based on reading, writing, listening, and talking exercises.

Each lesson will prepare you for real-life conversations.

Also, you’ll learn the language through common phrases, not individual words. And that’s always more effective.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll start by listening to a conversation between two people. You’ll then learn your first French words by matching words with images and using words to build sentences and phrases. 

The app also uses a smart repetition system, so you’ll be able to internalize everything you’ve learned.

But one of the best things about Mondly is the French Chatbot, your virtual conversational partner. It’s an advanced computer program you can have an intelligent conversation with.

And every time you get something wrong, the app will give you instant feedback.

Who is Mondly Best For?

If you’re searching for a game-like but highly effective and immersive online French program, Mondly is the best French language learning app for you.

It’s suitable for beginners of all ages.

4. Babbel

Babbel is another super popular language learning app.

It combines different formats so it’s convenient for all types of learners.

Let’s see what else makes it so popular!

Babbel French Features

Before you start with Babbel lessons, the app will ask you a couple of questions so you can get content based on your level, needs, and goals.

All lessons are bite-sized and comprehensible. They include fill-in-the-blank exercises, pronunciation practice, and so on.

You can also listen to podcasts and play games.

And if you opt for a Babbel Live subscription, you can also have one-on-one virtual French classes.

Either way, you’ll learn everything you need to start a casual, real-life conversation in French.

And as they say on the Babbel website: 10 minutes a day is all it takes.

Content and Benefits

Babbel lessons include the key vocabulary of the dialogue, grammar explanations, audio tracks, and a review.

And they cover a variety of topics.

As a beginner, you’ll learn how to talk about yourself, how to ask where something is located, basic vocabulary and verbs, and other practical things.

If you’re planning to visit a French-speaking country soon, this app is ideal for you.

But it’s also great for intermediate learners as it offers advanced lessons as well.

Moreover, you can take lessons focused on business and profession, listening and speaking, or countries and traditions.

And words and sentences lessons allow you to choose from a wide range of topics: vacations, festivals, clothing, and environment, just to name a few.

Finally, the Babbel French app is very well-designed. It’s both user-friendly and eye-catching.

Who is Babbel Best For?

Babbel French is arguably one of the best French learning apps. It’s suitable for learners of all skill levels.

And it’s perfect for anyone who likes short, engaging app-based lessons. Read our full Babbel review.

5. Memrise

Memrise French

Memrise has millions of users worldwide.

It’s a simple and effective app based on mnemonics and spaced repetition techniques.

And it offers a lot of its content for free!

Memrise Features

Memrise used to offer community-created courses, but they seem to have been removed from the “Search” function within the Memrise mobile app.

The courses themselves have not been removed or deleted, but Memrise now focuses exclusively on official courses created by their team of linguists, translators, and language researchers.

Nevertheless, the Memrise app is fun, effective, and versatile.

It offers thousands of video examples of the French language used in real life. And it offers lessons taught by native speakers, as well as gamified tests.

You’ll also get written and audio instruction.

The premium subscription provides access to additional features and extra content.

Content and Benefits

By listening to native speakers and authentic dialogues, you’ll learn what French people say in real-life situations.

Memrise is based on immersive language learning. And that basically means you’ll learn French in the most natural way possible.

You’ll learn new words, phrases, and important grammar concepts, and you’ll understand them through context.

You can also learn about the topic you’re interested in. Therefore, you can learn anything from vacation small talk to more complex, specific topics of conversation.

Nonetheless, Memrise will teach you all the practical phrases and prepare you for all potential situations.

The app is also very convenient and user-friendly.  

If you have to stop your lesson abruptly, the app automatically saves your progress, and it also tracks your daily streak.

Moreover, Memrise has an active blog and forum, so you can feel involved and connected.

Who is Memrise Best For?

Memrise is arguably the best free app to learn French, although it offers more content and features to its premium subscribers.

It’s great for anyone looking for an immersive learning experience.

6. Busuu


Busuu is also a very popular app to learn French.

It has content for learners of all levels.

Busuu Features

The French Busuu course is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR.) And the CEFR is broken down into six stages, ranging from complete beginner to fluent.

The C1 (advanced) course is currently only available for English on Busuu. But if you’re a beginner or upper-intermediate learner, you’ll find this app very useful.

It offers bite-sized lessons, listening and comprehension exercises, and writing challenges.

However, Busuu lessons have an emphasis on the development of speaking skills.

It also features Grammar Review and Vocabulary Review, as well as the French Pronunciation course.

The Study Plan is also a nice feature: if you want to create a study plan, the app can send you notifications and French progress reports to keep you on track

Finally, with the app’s Conversation feature, you can improve your conversational skills by messaging Busuu’s community of native speakers. They will give you valuable feedback and suggestions.

Content and Benefits

As you can see, Busuu offers plenty of features and options.

You can even join live group lessons with a qualified language teacher.

And besides lessons, you’ll get quizzes based on the words you might be struggling with.

You’ll learn all the practical vocabulary and important grammar rules.

The content depends on your skill level and subscription plan.

Either way, Busuu lessons are rather short and simple. According to the program creators, you can begin with10-minute lessons, as 10-minute chunks help you learn French more quickly.

You can get your first French lesson for free to check it out first.

Who is Busuu Best For?

Busuu is a fantastic learning source for people who want to actively work on their French-speaking skills.

It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate learners (A1-B2.)

7. FrenchPod101

We’ve already mentioned FrenchPod101 in our list of the best online French courses.

So, FrenchPod101 can be categorized as an online course but it also works as an app.

More importantly, it’s a reliable and effective French learning source.

FrenchPod101 Features

FrenchPod101 is based on audio lessons centered around real-life dialogues.

But it also offers video clips and all kinds of exercises.

The app uses flashcards, word lists, and slideshows. And you’ll get detailed PDF notes.

The Learning Path feature can help you add structure to your learning process. It’s a nice addition to the program.

Nonetheless, FrenchPod101 uses a podcast-style format to deliver its content, and that’s very convenient for aural learners.

It’s also very immersive and it will introduce you to both the language and culture.

In a nutshell, it’s centered around French vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and culture.

Content and Benefits

With the FrenchPod101 app, for the most part, you’ll be listening to native speakers. These dialogues are natural, casual, and easy to follow.

But you’ll also have the help of slowed-down audio and line-by-line breakdowns. So, don’t worry – you’ll be able to understand every word.

And with the Premium Plus subscription, you’ll get the personalized guidance option (via private messenger.) And that’s an amazing opportunity to get feedback, corrections, and answers to your questions.

Moreover, FrenchPod101 has a very active Youtube channel. So, when you have good connectivity, you can check if there are any live lessons you can join. For example, one of the live French lessons is streaming as we write.

All in all, FrenchPod101 always has fresh, updated content and it will surely motivate you to keep learning and exploring.

Who is FrenchPod101 Best For?

FrenchPod101 is the best French learning app for aural learners.

It’s probably most beneficial to beginners, although it has more advanced content as well.

8. Pimsleur

Pimsleur French

If you’ve ever searched for the best language learning apps, you’re probably familiar with Pimsleur.

It’s a reliable platform offering a variety of online language classes and app-based courses.

And it offers a fantastic way to learn French as well.

Pimsleur Features

According to Pimsleur, if you repeat the new words at specific time intervals, they will move into your long-term memory.

The Pimsleur Method is based on the gradual interval recall.

Therefore, you can expect a lot of repetition, and that particular method seems to be very effective.

But you’ll also learn through captivating exercises such as quick match, speed rounds, and learning from flashcards.

The app also provides high-quality audio lessons.

One thing is for sure: you won’t get bored or overwhelmed, and you’ll learn how to speak French in no time.

But what will you actually learn?

Content and Benefits

Pimsleur French will help you improve your French comprehension skills with its well-structured, 30-minutes core lessons.

You can purchase different bundles (centered around different levels) and study the material suitable for your abilities and goals.

With the car model, you can also learn while you’re driving.

Nonetheless, if you’re a beginner, you’ll learn practical vocabulary, common phrases, and get cultural insights.

The app isn’t heavy on grammar, but you’ll learn essential grammar rules in order to understand how the language works.

Who is Pimsleur Best For?

Pimsleur is a great French app for aural and verbal learners. It’s probably most beneficial to beginners.

And it’s ideal for people who want to learn French on the go (hands-free.) Read our full Pimsleur review.

9. Rosetta Stone  

When it comes to online language courses, Rosetta Stone is a household name.

And it has an amazing app that can help you brush up on your French.

Rosetta Stone Features

One of the best things about the Rosetta Stone app is that it encourages you to speak French right away.

And although that might be true for a lot of French learning apps, Rosetta Stone does it in a slightly different way.

With this French-language app, you won’t get translations and grammar explanations right away. You’ll make your own conclusions instead.

You’ll match certain words with corresponding images, which will allow you to acquire French vocabulary. This is also a great method for visual learners.

In a way, Rosetta Stone will force you to think for yourself, but at the same time, it won’t make learning French hard or overwhelming.

Quite the opposite: the app is designed to teach you French in an easy and relaxed way.

Moreover, the app features a speech recognition engine so you can work on the pronunciation as well.

And it has an Audio Companion feature for when you want to take a break from the screen.

Content and Benefits

The Rosetta Stone app offers two options: a self-study course (the standard one) and a self-study course + coaching.

Both options include a personalized study plan, a speech recognition system, and a bunch of lessons.

And if you want, you can opt for a course that includes live sessions with certified, native tutors.

However, if you only want to use the Rosetta Stone app, you’ll get everything you need.

You’ll expand your vocabulary, enhance your writing and reading skills, and get to know French grammar.

You can also download lessons to your smartphone to continue learning offline. And that’s a huge advantage.

Who is Rosetta Stone Best For?

Rosetta Stone is a great French learning app for anyone seeking innovative approaches and an immersive learning experience.

If you want to learn how to speak French right away, you should definitely consider Rosetta Stone. Read our full Rosetta Stone review.

10. Speechling

If you’re looking for a good speak French app, you should check out Speechling.

This app is designed to teach you how to speak French better.

Speechling Features

Speechling is a free, non-profit app that teaches French. However, for an affordable monthly fee, you can get unlimited language tutoring.

So if you’re looking for the best app to learn French for free, and if you want to focus on speaking, Speechling might be a perfect option for you.

With the Speechling app, you’ll listen to a native speaker’s recording and repeat after them. You’ll record yourself and get feedback within 24 hours.

This feature is great because it allows you to get personalized feedback on your pronunciation.

The Speechling Method uses a combination of technology and human coaching.

Moreover, the platform offers a lot of free language learning tools such as dictation practice, vocabulary flashcards, language quizzes, listening exercises, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and so on.

Therefore, although it has an emphasis on speaking, Speechling will introduce you to all parts of the French language.

Content and Benefits

In essence, Speechling offers all sorts of exercises, games, and tonnes of high-quality audio tracks.

You’ll learn all the practical vocabulary necessary to have an everyday conversation in French.

Speechling also offers a free audio dictionary. Words are categorized by topic, so you can search for words related to transportation, personal questions, health, weather, and so on.

Moreover, on the Speechling blog, you can find useful articles about French culture, grammar, and learning tips. The blog is frequently updated, so you can always find fresh reading material.

Who is Speechling Best For?

Speechling is the best French application for people who want to improve their speaking skills.

It’s also ideal for anyone looking for free online French learning tools.

How to Choose the Best App to Learn French

Luckily, there are many great French learning apps out there.

And even though that might feel a bit overwhelming, that’s a good thing. And that also means that learning French by yourself has never been easier.

So, how to pick the best app for learning French?

Well, besides reading reviews and articles (like this one), you should make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Best apps to learn French

All of these apps promise amazing results, and sometimes people choose a learning source that doesn’t really fit their needs and goals.

You need to find a French app that’s focused on the development of skills you believe are useful to you.

For example, if you’re traveling to a French-speaking country soon and you want to be able to get around easily, you don’t need an app that has grammar drills. You’ll want something that will teach you basic conversational skills instead.

And if you simply want to learn French because you like it, then you should opt for an app you find effective and practical.

After all, some people memorize things by hearing them, and some are visual learners.

You can also combine several apps (if that seems affordable to you.) But if one of the apps you like has a well-structured, linear curriculum, you should perhaps stick to that one.

Finally, most of these apps are very flexible and customizable. Some of them even have adaptive learning algorithms. Therefore, you’ll most likely have an enjoyable and productive learning process.

What Are the Benefits of Using an App to Learn French

If you’ve decided to learn French via one of these apps, you won’t be disappointed.

All of them are designed with a specific learner in mind. Having a tailor-made study plan is a huge advantage if you prefer structured learning.

Although using an app is a lot different from attending a traditional French class, you’ll still feel like you’re involved and connected. Most of these apps are interactive, and some of them have active online communities.

And you’ll always feel focused and active, especially if the app demands your instant response.

In essence, learning French will feel like playing a game.

On the other hand, you’ll also get cultural insights and interesting information about a variety of subjects. So, it’s not only about games and earning points.

Learning French online

French learning apps are also extremely convenient. You can learn from the comfort of your home, but you can also learn on the go. And with hands-free apps, you can even learn while you drive a car.

All things considered, it’s no wonder that language apps are becoming more and more popular.

After all, learning a foreign language is incredibly rewarding. And learning French can only enrich your life.

It’s a beautiful and romantic language, and learning it can be a gateway to a whole new world of art, literature, and music.  

And finally, you’ll be able to talk to people from so many countries. French is the official language in 29 countries and it’s one of the most influential languages in the world.

It’s therefore obvious that speaking French is also a very useful skill. You never know where learning French can take you!

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you to find the best app to learn French for you!

All of our recommendations include reliable and effective apps used by French learners around the world.

You just need to find the one that suits you best.

And once you start learning, you’ll realize how fun and immersive learning languages can be.

And more importantly, you will finally understand the real charm of speaking French!

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