10 Best Online French Courses & Classes

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Without a doubt, French is one of the most charming languages in the world.

It’s also a very popular foreign language. People have always loved learning French (even before “Emily in Paris.”)

And if speaking French has always been your wish too, why not start learning it today?

With online French lessons, that’s a very attainable goal.

However, there are so many French programs online, so it’s easy to get lost.

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the 10 best online French courses and classes.

We’ll show you their main features, content, and benefits.

Alors allons-y!

10 Best Online French Courses & Classes

1. Rocket French

Rocket French online learning course

Many French learners agree that the best online French course is Rocket French.

But what makes it so special and popular?

Rocket French Features

Firstly, Rocket French aims to provide linear, structured learning.

And the program keeps succeeding in its mission – it offers a well-rounded, comprehensive curriculum and French classes that will bring your French to the next level.

You can use it on your computer or via the mobile app.

The program is fairly easy to navigate. It contains two sections: “Language and Culture” and “Interactive Audio.”

You’ll mostly learn through audio tracks including high-quality dialogues. But “Language and Culture” covers grammar and lessons about French culture.

The “Saved Vocab” feature is also handy – it will allow you to search for words and learn them through context.

Moreover, Rocket French has inbuilt gamification and a leaderboard to make things more interesting.

Content and Benefits

Rocket French content is very detailed and well-structured.

It’s divided into three levels, so it’s suitable both for absolute beginners and advanced learners.

You’ll mostly learn by listening, but there’s also a speech recognition technology that will help you work on your pronunciation. It’s not the same as getting feedback from a teacher, but it works.

There’s a wide range of topics you’ll be hearing about – from literature to relationships. You’ll certainly learn a couple of language-unrelated things too!

All in all, Rocket French is a great way to learn French. Especially if you prefer a clear, structured learning process.

And you’ll be working on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Who is Rocket French Best For?

If you’re searching for a well-structured audio-based French course that will help you acquire all the important language skills, we highly recommend Rocket French.

It’s effective, engaging, and easy to navigate. And it’s suitable for French learners of all levels. Read our full Rocket Languages review.

Start your free trial of Rocket Languages French here!

2. French Uncovered


One of the things that France is often associated with is art.

So, why not learn French through creative stories?

Keep reading to see what we’re talking about!

French Uncovered Features

French Uncovered is a French learning course with a unique approach.

It’s based on the so-called guided discovery method. It’s a very engaging and entertaining way to learn languages.

As the stories are entirely in French, this course might be a bit challenging for some learners. But don’t let that discourage you.

You’ll also get useful worksheets, speaking tasks, written exercises, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Overall, it’s a versatile and unique French course that won’t overwhelm you with countless features and options.

Content and Benefits

French Uncovered program will teach you how to speak, write, and read. It’s focused on grammar as well as the practical use of the language.

The course is divided into different chapters.

In each chapter, you start by searching for cognates – words that exist in English, as well as French.

As you move forward, you’ll be focused on learning new words, phrases, and grammar rules.

All the grammar taught in the program had thorough explanations and reference material.  

But you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with new information. Although the program might be a bit challenging, it’s efficient.

And it can take up only 30 minutes per day – that depends entirely on you.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to read and understand an entire book in French. And that sounds quite impressive!

Who is French Uncovered Best For?

French Uncovered course is a fantastic learning source for people who prefer different approaches and methods.

If you’re fond of stories and you want a fun yet detailed learning program, French Uncovered won’t disappoint you.

3. FrenchPod101

Are you a fan of podcasts?

We have good news: one of the most popular French classes online is this podcast-style learning program.

FrenchPod101 Features

FrenchPod101 is based on audio lessons. They are centered around dialogues and presented by a variety of hosts and teachers.

But the program also has video lessons, and they cover a lot of topics.

In fact, FrenchPod101 really has a lot of features.

And most of them are very useful. For example, Learning Paths is a course format that is designed to help you make progress and have structure (and a clear goal) in your learning process.

Lessons in Learning Paths are clear and linear.

Moreover, FrenchPod101 has one amazing feature: one-on-one classes. With these classes, you can get valuable feedback from your personal teacher and learn how to speak French in a very effective way.

This teacher guidance option is available with the Premium Plus subscription though.

Content and Benefits

FrenchPod101 has plenty of content. You’ll have a chance to learn all the basics and more.

You’ll also learn about French culture. This kind of knowledge is always a nice addition to every language learning experience.

Besides podcasts, you’ll also learn through flashcards, word lists, and slideshows. These tools will help you study more efficiently.

Slowed-down audio and line-by-line breakdowns are also very helpful.

Another advantage of this French course is the downloadable material. You can download everything, from lesson notes to audio tracks.

All things considered, FrenchPod101 is arguably one of the best online French classes.

Who is FrenchPod101 Best For?

FrenchPod101 is a great learning source for all levels.

And since it combines audio and video lessons, it’s interesting both to audio and visual learners.

4. Pimsleur

Pimsleur online French courses and classes

If you’ve been searching for the best way to learn French online, you’ve probably heard about Pimsleur.

It’s a popular online learning platform that promises amazing results.

But does it actually deliver what it promises?

Pimsleur Features

Well, Pimsleur offers fantastic French classes for all the aural and verbal learners.

It’s focused on practical vocabulary and developing communication skills.

Apart from audio lessons, you’ll get some extra practice activities (flashcards, quick match, speed round…) They are important if you really want that new words to sink in.

But you don’t have to worry about memorizing new words. The Pimsleur Method is based on heavy repetition and the so-called graduated interval recall.

Content and Benefits

With the Pimsleur method, you’ll be able to pick up new words very quickly.

You’ll learn all the greetings, expressions, and common phrases. It’s all you need to get around in France or French-speaking countries.

And as the course is largely audio-based, you’ll be able to learn while you’re doing something else: driving, cooking, traveling, running…

But if you need this course as a part of your preparation for getting a language certificate, you should probably search for grammar lessons elsewhere.

With Pimsleur French, you will learn grammar, but mostly in order to develop your conversational skills.

All in all, Pimsleur is a very simple, effective, and rather quick way to learn French.

Who is Pimsleur Best For?

Pimsleur French is the best way to learn French for people who don’t want to bother with too much grammar.

It’s a great program if you want to learn French because you’re about to visit a French-speaking country.

And as it’s audio-based, it’s also very convenient for learners who prefer to learn on the go. Read our full Pimsleur review.

5. News in Slow French

News in slow French

Are you looking for an innovative way to learn French?

Let us introduce you to News in Slow French.

News in Slow French Features

The title of this French course is telling you everything: you’ll be learning through listening to the news. Slowly.

Although this might sound tedious at first, it actually isn’t. It’s created in such a way to keep you focused and engaged.

But you’ll have to be prepared for a lot of listening.

However, News in Slow French platform also offers a variety of features.

You can browse through video pronunciation lessons, written lessons, stories, quizzes, and so on.

You can also join live talk shows which is a nice extra option.

Content and Benefits

The course is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced French classes.

And as we’ve already mentioned, they’re delivered through audio and video lessons.

And you don’t have to worry that you’ll only learn how to read the news. On the contrary, you’ll pick up a lot of new words, phrases, expressions, and grammar rules.

But yes, you’ll also get informed on a number of subjects as well as improve your vocabulary on current topics.

Who is News in Slow French For?

News in Slow French is created for learners of all levels.

However, it might be a bit challenging for absolute beginners and younger learners.

But if our review of News in Slow French sparked your interest, try it out – you won’t regret it!

6. Learn French With Alexa

Do you want to learn French with Alexa?

What does that really mean?

Let’s find out!

Learn French With Alexa Features

It’s simple: this popular online course is run by a French teacher named Alexa Polidoro.

You can purchase a monthly, 3-month, or annual plan. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll get access to a variety of quality video lessons.

You can practice and test your knowledge with quizzes.

And the program allows you to track your progress.

All in all, it’s a very clear and convenient program. You won’t get confused by a bunch of features; you’ll get exactly what you need.

You can also join live online French lessons which is always a cool experience. It’s also a chance to talk to Alexa and ask questions.

Content and Benefits

This French course is suitable for all levels.

Therefore, whether you want to learn French for your work or for your own pleasure, this would be a very helpful learning source.

However, if you want to actively work on your speaking skills, you’ll probably want to find an extra resource.

Alexa will guide you through all the important elements of the French language though.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn greetings, basic vocabulary, days, numbers, alphabet, etc.

And more advanced students will be introduced to complex grammar and tenses.  

Who is Learn French With Alexa Best For?

This online French platform is a great learning source for students who prefer guided video lessons.

And it’s ideal for people who want to focus on writing, listening, and grammar.

7. Babbel French

Babbel French

Babbel is another popular language learning platform.

If you’re looking for affordable, well-structured French classes, you should definitely check it out.

Babbel French Features

Babbel French uses speech recognition technology to help you out with your pronunciation. Some French words are really challenging, and getting feedback on your pronunciation (even if it’s not from a real person) is very important.

And although many learners agree that Babbel offers pretty standard lessons and exercises, there are also some extra features to explore.

You can listen to podcasts, play games, and so on.

But most importantly, Babbel lessons are very comprehensive and they’ll undoubtedly help you to achieve your goals.

Content and Benefits

Babbel French focuses on all aspects of learning a language: speaking, spelling, listening, and writing.

The program has a lot of content, and it’s created with beginners and intermediate learners in mind.

It does have some advanced content but beginners might benefit the most from it.

Furthermore, Babbel lessons will teach you practical language and prepare you for real-life situations.

Who is Babbel French Best For?  

Babbel French is arguably one of the best online French classes for beginners.

It combines different teaching styles and offers short lessons that won’t overwhelm you with too much information. Read our full Babbel review.

8. Frantastique

Frantastique French learning course

Frantastique offers virtual French classes in a slightly different way.

The program definitely has a unique way of delivering its content.

Frantastique Features

After you subscribe to Frantastique, each day you’ll receive a lesson adapted to your needs and goals.

In other words, Frantastique can provide you with personalized lessons ideal for your skill level.

You can get them in your inbox (to use on the computer) or via the mobile app.

Once you complete the lesson, you’ll receive corrections and explanations.

In a way, it’s like going to a virtual French school.

One of the subscription packages even includes teacher support as well the opportunity to get a certificate.

So, Frantastique is one of the most school-like accredited French courses online.

Content and Benefits

Frantastique content is based on the learner’s personal needs and capabilities.

The software also uses adaptive learning, so each time you’ll get a lesson suitable for your level.

Besides typical lessons, Frantastique content includes stories (funny stories with native accents and various up-to-date topics.)

Most lessons are rather short, so you don’t have to spend too much time on your computer/phone. Even 15 minutes per day will help you see progress.

Who is Frantastique Best For?

Frantastique is a great course for students who prefer a rather standard way of learning.

And it’s definitely a good learning source for people who don’t have too much time on their hands since lessons are somewhat short and you can’t access them all at once.  

9. Coffee Break French

Coffeebreakfrench online learning podcast program

Another casual way of learning French is Coffee Break French.

As the name suggests, you can learn French during your coffee break.

But how does it work?

Coffee Break French Features

First of all, a lot of Coffee Break French content is completely free.

You can pay for extra material, and that will also grant you access to video accompaniment of the audio tracks as well as some other features.

However, audio lessons are central. They sound like a casual podcast, but they offer a lot of insight into the French language and culture.

They have a lot of explanations and examples but in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Content and Benefits

During audio lessons, you’ll listen to the program host Mark as well as native guest speakers.

Lessons are short, simple, and relaxed. But they are full of useful content.

You’ll learn basic stuff, and you can also progress to an advanced level.

Lessons also build on each other nicely.

And you can listen to them whenever you want and wherever you go, which is definitely one of the benefits.

And you can get a lot of educational material for free. Therefore, Coffee Break French could be useful as an additional learning source.

Who is Coffee Break French Best For?

Coffee Break French is best for learners who prefer podcast-style learning.

It’s also ideal for students who’re looking for free extra learning material.

10. italki

italki online language platform with one-to-one online lessons

Are looking for 1-on-1 online French lessons?

Maybe italki is the best French course for you.

italki Features

In essence, italki is a platform that connects French learners with teachers and conversation partners.

So, italki doesn’t have a structured curriculum but rather helps you to find a personal online tutor.

You can find out everything you need in teachers’ profiles. From their qualifications to teaching methods.

Once you find a teacher you would like to learn from, you can schedule your first class.

There’s also an active italki learning community, so you can connect with fellow students, find a practice partner, join a discussion, and much more.

You’ll definitely feel involved and motivated!

Content and Benefits

After you start with your italki lessons, your tutor will provide you with your personal study plan.

That’s a fantastic way of getting exactly what you want from a French class. If you want to develop your communication skills, that’s what you’ll be focused on. If you want to improve your writing, your teacher will give you suitable exercises.

The italki platform will, without a doubt, cater to all your needs.

You just need to find the right teacher. And considering italki’s review system, you probably can’t make a huge mistake. Client reviews are important, and they are always taken into consideration.

So, italki is a very helpful and reliable platform.

And it’s the closest it gets to traditional French classes.

Who is italki Best For?

italki is the best way to learn French for people who like one-on-one lessons.

It’s also great for people who have a specific skill they want to work on.

How to Choose the Best Online French Courses

Well, you probably feel overwhelmed with all the options.

Yes, there are many amazing learn French classes on the Internet (more than it fits this list.) But all of them have a specific learner in mind.

Therefore, if you have clear goals and plans, finding the right course shouldn’t be a big problem.

Learning French online

You should also determine what kind of learner you really are – are you a visual learner? Or do you memorize things faster if someone presents them to you through a story?

All the courses we picked for this list are quite different. And each platform has something unique to offer.

So, do your research, read other learners’ reviews, and see if that’s the program that fits your needs and learning style.

And even if you’re not sure, you can always try it out first. Most of the courses we showed you today have a free trial option.

What Are the Benefits of Online French Classes

The benefits of online French classes are numerous.

First of all, you’ll have complete freedom regarding the schedule. And with some audio lessons, you can even learn French when you’re doing something else.

So, online French classes are extremely convenient. You can study in the comfort of your home, or while you’re climbing the mountain (well, if the program you chose doesn’t require an Internet connection.)

Nevertheless, online French classes are very engaging. It’s not only about listening and writing things down in your notebook; you can play games, solve quizzes, learn through fictional narrative, go on virtual tours… Possibilities are endless.

Best online learning courses always use the latest technologies, effective tools, exciting features, and innovative approaches. Especially when it comes to such a popular language.

After all, all of these platforms want to stand out from the crowd.

Online French classes

If your language program is versatile and engaging, you’ll most likely stay motivated to keep going.

Another potential benefit is the price: most of the online course packages and subscriptions aren’t as expensive as hiring a private tutor.

Some educational materials are completely free.

And last but not least, online French courses will allow you to work on yourself.

Basically, you can develop any skill you want. If you’re traveling to France, you can learn French from an easy-going course that will teach you how to speak.

If you’re planning to get a certificate, you’ll want to take a more serious course that focuses on grammar.

And in case you’re not sure what to study or where that might take you, some courses can offer you a structured curriculum with linear lessons and clear guidance.

In the end, French is a beautiful language, and learning French can only bring you good things!

Final Thoughts

We hope our online French classes reviews helped you in making the right decision.

Nonetheless, we’re sure that no matter what you choose, you’ll have a great learning experience.

After all, it’s all about your inner motivation and willingness to practice and work on your skills.

The effort you put into your studies will determine the results you get.

On the other hand, online courses should offer you guidance and a source of fun and knowledge. And that’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality course.