10 Best Online Spanish Courses & Classes

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Are you finally ready to start your Spanish classes?

Whether you want to improve your skills or start from scratch, you’ve come to the right place!

For this article, we explored all the popular online Spanish learning programs. And there are so many of them!

So it’s no wonder if you feel confused or overwhelmed. Especially when you see that every platform promises the best results.

And that’s why we’re here. To show you the highlights and most important features, so you can decide for yourself.

Keep reading to discover the 10 best online Spanish courses and classes.

You’ll only have to figure out which one is the best for you.

10 Best Online Spanish Courses & Classes

1. Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish (from Rocket Languages) is a comprehensible online learning course that focuses on all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

It’s based on audio and text, and it has effective and fun games too.

Many people agree that Rocket Spanish is the best online Spanish course.

Let’s see if they’re right!

Rocket Spanish Features

First of all, Rocket Spanish teaches Latin American Spanish.

If that’s what you are looking for, you can purchase different packages (with different Levels.)

For example, the package including Levels 1, 2, and 3 will get you 370 hours of lesson time. Quite a lot!

In a nutshell, you’ll get access to interactive audio lessons and language & culture lessons.

You can learn from them on your computer or via the mobile app for iOS and Android.

And the useful export feature will allow you to export spreadsheet lists and create a vocabulary flashcard deck.

You can also download audio tracks and listen to them wherever you go.

Moreover, Rocket Spanish also has some gamified features that will add fun to your learning.

Content and Benefits

Essentially, Rocket Spanish covers 3 Levels. As you might assume, they get more advanced as you progress.

Lessons are very easy to use, and they are mostly based on audio tracks.

Each audio track involves everyday conversations. And the tutors (who are native Spanish speakers) will break them down for you and help you understand.

You can also practice your speaking with “Play It”; you can choose the character and say their lines.

If you press record and say the line, the program will listen to you and give you a rating of your pronunciation.

There’s also a Travelogue section that will introduce you to more advanced conversations and take you on a virtual tour through Latin America.

And the Survival Kit module includes extra vocabulary lessons that cover essential phrases and terminology.

As you can see, Rocket Spanish offers many different learning modules and useful tools. And it’s very interactive and easy to navigate.

Who is Rocket Spanish Best For?

Rocket Languages is the best Spanish course for people who are looking for detailed, well-structured online Spanish classes.

The course might get a bit repetitive, but if you like a standard (and very linear) way of learning, you’ll benefit a lot from it.

It’s also great for everyone who likes to learn languages by listening.

That said, Rocket Spanish is arguably one of the best Spanish courses for adults. Read our full Rocket Languages review.

Start your free trial of Rocket Spanish here!

2. Pimsleur

Pismleur Spanish online course

Another fantastic Spanish language course based on audio learning is Pimsleur.

It’s focused on developing verbal skills, so if you’re planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country soon, Pimsleur would prepare you in a quick and easy way.

But check out its features and benefits first, and see if the Pimsleur Method ensures the best Spanish learning for you!

Pimsleur Features

Pimsleur delivers its content through high-quality audio lessons.

Lessons are not heavily focused on grammar but rather on teaching you how to participate in a conversation.

And one of the program’s best features is hands-free learning – you can listen to these lessons while you’re driving, cooking, jogging… And that can help you progress much quicker.

After all, Pimsleur promises to teach you how to speak Spanish in just 30 days. And all you’ll need is 30 minutes per day.

But is Pimsleur’s content good enough to make that possible?

Content and Benefits

Well, the Pimsleur course program is well-structured. It definitely covers all the essentials.

You’ll learn greetings, common phrases, and practical vocabulary.

And by listening to the narrator (a native Spanish speaker), you’ll learn the correct pronunciation. You’ll also have a chance to respond to the recording and actively work on your speaking skills.

And the so-called Pimsleur Method focuses on accessing the language-learning centers in your brain. According to Pimsleur, If you repeat the new words at specific time intervals, they will move into your long-term memory.

In other words, this Spanish course will prepare you for all the potential situations you might encounter when you’re traveling.

You won’t have to get into grammatical details, and you’ll be learning by listening instead of studying.

Moreover, the platform looks really nice and it’s fairly easy to navigate.

Who is Pimsleur Best For?

Pimsleur is a great learning source for people who want to learn Spanish as soon as possible.

However, the course doesn’t rush things, so you’ll get enough knowledge. And you’ll have a chance to move on to more advanced stuff.

So, if you visiting a Spanish-speaking country and want to learn the language, getting Pimsleur would be a quick and effective solution. Read our full Pimsleur review.

3. SpanishPod101

Spanishpod101 online Spanish program

Are you searching for a podcast-style Spanish course?

SpanishPod101 might be the best Spanish program for you!

SpanishPod101 Features

This online Spanish course offers both audio and video lessons that will help you improve your Spanish skills.

It has fantastic study tools such as word lists, slideshows, and flashcards.

It also has a “Learning Paths” feature which makes it a lot more structured than some other online programs. You can choose your own pathway based on your level and goals.

Another amazing feature is the opportunity to get personalized guidance (with the Premium PLUS subscription.) Your personal teacher will give you direct feedback and answers to your questions via private messenger.

The “Word Bank” and “Phrase List” features are also a nice touch.

Content and Benefits

So, what will SpanishPod101 actually teach you?

In short, it will teach you everything you need to know to have a fluid conversation in Spanish.

Most lessons are focused on dialogues and real Spanish conversations.

On the other hand, this kind of Spanish learning won’t prepare you for the Spanish grammar test. Although the program has a grammar section, it’s definitely not one of the highlights.

However, everything else is very effective and well-structured.

The slowed-down audio and line-by-line breakdowns will help you pick up every word. Lessons similar to podcasts will keep you interested. And voice-recording tools will ensure you have good pronunciation.

All in all, SpanishPod101 is one of the best Spanish classes due to its entertaining lessons and numerous features.

Who is SpanishPod101 Best For?

Since SpanishPod101 has a bunch of materials for lower levels, it’s an ideal Spanish learning resource for absolute beginners.

It’s also great for learners who like a lot of features. Otherwise, the platform might feel a little overwhelming.

Either way, SpanishPod101 is a fun and effective online language course that will undoubtedly help you master the basics.

4. Spanish Uncovered

Spanish Uncovered narrative learning platform

Are you looking for unique and creative online Spanish learning programs?

Maybe you want to try Spanish Uncovered?

Let’s see what makes it so unique!

Spanish Uncovered Features

To engage its learners, Spanish Uncovered utilizes the so-called StoryLearning method. According to the program’s creators, it’s a Spanish learning mechanism that uses a human’s natural core learning system.

So, Spanish Uncovered lessons are based on learning through fictional narratives. And learning a language through a story (with the so-called guided discovery) turns out to be very fun and interesting.

The program also has many exercises and activities that will help you test your knowledge.

You’ll also have access to worksheets, review quizzes, your progress report… It’s everything you’ll need for a smooth and well-structured learning process.

Content and Benefits

Spanish Uncovered really has a lot of content.

It combines stories, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation lessons, speaking activities, and so on.

The instructions are very clear and the stories it provides should be engaging. Therefore, you probably won’t get bored so soon.

Moreover, Spanish Uncovered is one of the best programs to learn Spanish because the course forces you to learn actively. You’ll be able to take control but also immerse yourself in the learning material and activities.

In a way, Spanish Uncovered almost feels like some kind of challenge.

Who is Spanish Uncovered Best For?

Spanish Uncovered is perfect for people who are seeking different approaches and methods.

Stories, activities, and guided discovery techniques make this Spanish course quite engaging.

It’s also great for students who want to focus on grammar and literacy.

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Spanish learning program

Rosetta Stone Spanish is one of the most popular online Spanish language courses.

But is it also the best product on the market?

Rosetta Stone Features

First of all, Rosetta Stone Spanish forces you to think. Its classes are based on intuition, repetition, and visual cues.

So, the course doesn’t give you clear explanations and translations in a way that most other programs do.

Does that sound strange? Well, while that might be a disadvantage for some people, it’s actually an interesting way of learning and memorizing new information.

The program also has a variety of games, challenges, and useful learning tools.

It also uses the TruAccent speech recognition technology to give you instant feedback on your pronunciation. The system doesn’t have 100% accuracy, but only a live native speaker can provide you with that.

There are several ways you can purchase the Rosetta Stone Spanish course, depending on the length of time you want to learn. And it seems that the price is much lower than it used to be, which is good news.

Content and Benefits

We’ve mentioned that only a real person can give you 100% accurate feedback on your pronunciation. Well, that’s one of the Rosetta Stone’s benefits: you can reach out to a native-speaking teacher to help you out.

Moreover, the course will teach you all the basics of the Spanish language. And that includes greetings, phrases, expressions, and sentence structures.

Rosetta Stone creators believe that you don’t have to study in-depth grammar to learn a foreign language.

So, unless you want to explore the Spanish language academically, this online course will teach you how to speak in a very easy and efficient way.

Who is Rosetta Stone Best For?

Rosetta Stone Spanish is a great extra learning source for learners of all ages. But it can also work as your primary learning source.

However, you’ll have to be prepared for a slightly different approach. If you’re fond of the intuitive learning approach, then you’ll find this Spanish course very useful and appealing. Read our full Rosetta Stone review.

6. Babbel

Babbel online language platform

Do you want to learn a variety of language skills through a language learning app?

Then you’ll probably like what Babbel has to offer.

Babbel Features

For starters, Babbel is very reasonably priced. And it’s not so easy to come across a quality budget-friendly language course.

Once you get a subscription, you’ll have unlimited access (for a certain amount of time) to all the Spanish lessons.

Furthermore, the course focuses on spelling, writing, listening, and reading.

And the way you’ll learn all of that is pretty standard: through exercises (grammar, matching pictures, fill-in-the-blank, etc.) and getting feedback on your pronunciation.

However, Babbel also offers some cool features such as live online classes, original podcasts, games, and videos.

And you can jump around different levels which gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace.

Content and Benefits

Babbel’s content is actually quite versatile. And it’s delivered in an effective and flexible way.

Plus, the fact that you can have self-paced learning is definitely one of its benefits. You won’t feel overwhelmed, and you can learn something new every day.

And with all the features and options that the app provides, there’s plenty to explore.

Also, the lessons are focused on real-life conversations, and they will get you to speak right away.

You’ll also get insights into the Spanish culture which can only enrich your learning experience. 

Who is Babbel Best For?

Babbel is a good Spanish learning course for beginners who prefer software-based learning.

However, since the program allows you to skip certain levels, it’s also convenient for learners who are already familiar with the basics.  

It’s also great for businesses that want their employees to learn Spanish. Read our full Babbel review.

7. Memrise

Memrise Spanish course

Memrise is another language learning app that helps you achieve your goals.

But there’s something that makes it different than the previously mentioned courses: a lot of its content is completely free!

Memrise Features

Essentially, Memrise uses a talk-first approach, and it’s one of the program’s best features if that is your ultimate goal.

After taking this online course, you’ll be able to use Spanish in real-life situations and participate in engaging conversations.

With Memrise, you’ll learn through flashcards and repetition. But there are also videos and audio clips included.

Moreover, the app is user-friendly, and you can opt for paid classes and community-created material. 

Content and Benefits

Memrise offers seven levels in Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Mexico) courses.

Although there are some advanced lectures as well, you’ll benefit from the course the most if you’re a first-time beginner.

As we’ve already mentioned, you can get a bunch of material for free.

And if you log in to the Memrise website, you can start with simple lessons right away (at first, they include videos of native speakers and short quizzes.)

Lessons are short, effective, and interactive. They will undoubtedly get you to the next level.

Who is Memrise Best For?

Memrise is a good learning tool for everyone who wants to learn Spanish in a quick and easy way.

It’s most beneficial to beginners of all ages. If you’re an advanced student, you might want to combine it with some other resources.

And finally, Memrise is a great option if you’re looking for reliable free language classes.

8. Baselang

Baselang Spanish one on one tutoring

When it comes to popular Spanish language courses, we can’t skip Baselang.

It’s one of the online courses that offer a fantastic opportunity for one-on-one learning.

And it offers an unlimited number of Spanish lessons to its subscribers. How cool is that?

Baselang Features

One of the best Baselang features is definitely a chance to have one-on-one Spanish classes with native teachers. You can have them online via Zoom, whenever you want!

You can pick from hundreds of teachers, and you can choose the length of a lesson too. Whether you want a 30-minute lesson or a 2-hour class is completely up to you.

Last-minute lesson bookings are also acceptable.

Content and Benefits  

Having an online Spanish class with a teacher is really precious. You can get immediate, honest feedback that is, compared to speech recognition technologies, much more accurate and effective.

On top of that, the live conversation will keep you active and awake. You’ll know you’re making the most of your time.

However, despite the flexible scheduling, it might take you longer to achieve your goals. You’ll need to have a peaceful environment for learning as well.

Furthermore, Baselang offers several online programs.

The Gramarless program is an intensive 80-hour accelerated program for serious students, and Real World provides more flexible scheduling and the curriculum designed to get you from absolute beginner to conversational.

Who is Baselang Best For?

Baselang is obviously a great option for people who want to have live one-on-one Spanish classes.

Therefore, it’s suitable both for absolute beginners and advanced learners.

9. Glossika

Glossika Sspanish online classe

Another amazing platform for Spanish learners is Glossika.

It combines smart technology, adaptive learning, and an intuitive approach to get you the results you want.

Glossika Features

One of the best features of Glossika is definitely its learning algorithm.

You can get a personalized learning plan and customized content based on your level.

Once you start with your lessons, there are two training modes for you to use: Full Practice and Listening Only. You can easily switch between them.

If you choose the Full Practice mode, you’ll get a course with built-in typing, dictation, recording, and listening practice.

And with the Listening Only mode, you can learn Spanish while you’re walking or driving.

Either way, Glossika has useful features and tools for learning languages suitable for all kinds of learners.

Content and Benefits

Glossika uses full-sentence practice in context, which is a good way to learn how to express what you want to say.

The course also uses spaced repetition. Heavy repetition will allow you to memorize the material properly.

You’ll also get review lists to make sure you can really remember what you’ve learned.

And the fact that you can choose the learning mode based on your preferences or your current mood is definitely one of Glossika’s highlights.

Another benefit you might like is the possibility to download free e-books and guides.  

Who is Glossika Best For?

Glossika is suitable for learners of all levels.

However, absolute beginners might find it a bit challenging at the beginning. But don’t let that discourage you!

10. Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish classes

Isn’t Coffee Break Spanish a great name for an online Spanish course?

Apart from that, this podcast-based program offers a nice and relaxed way of learning.

Coffee Break Spanish Features

Unlike many other online Spanish programs, Coffee Break Spanish doesn’t have interactive exercises.

So, if you’re interested in learning Spanish by listening to a casual language class, this course might be ideal for you.

Lessons are rather short and they build upon each other nicely.

You can also purchase different bundles on the Coffee Break Spanish website. They include virtual journeys through Spain and South America, listening to native speakers, a reading club, and so on.

And you can start with free Spanish audio lessons and podcasts, to get acquainted with their teaching style.

Content and Benefits

Coffee Break Spanish offers well-structured, versatile content.

Lessons are mainly focused on practical speaking skills. You can listen to the teacher and various native speakers.

And you can do it wherever you are, which is very convenient. In other words, you can learn Spanish during your coffee break!

You’ll also get lesson notes and videos for pronunciation practice.

On top of that, the Coffee Break Spanish team often updates their courses. They also have an active Youtube channel and social media accounts to keep you involved.

Who is Coffee Break Spanish Best For?

Coffee Break Spanish is ideal for people who prefer short, causal online classes or want to learn Spanish on the go.

It’s suitable for learners of all levels.

How to Choose the Best Online Spanish Courses

You’re probably still feeling a bit confused.

If that’s the case, then maybe you need to evaluate your goals.

Your goals should be specific but also flexible. And they can help you a lot in finding the best Spanish language course for you.

So, why do you want to learn Spanish? Do you want to be able to talk to locals when you travel, or do you need to prepare yourself for getting a language certificate?

Also, try to determine what kind of learner you really are. Are you a visual learner or do you memorize things more quickly if you hear them? Are you a self-directed learner or do you need clear guidance?

Learning Spanish

Once you know what you’re looking for in a course, everything will be much easier.

Every program has a specific kind of learner in mind. And some of them combine learning methods and tools, which is great if you’re easily bored or distracted.

Furthermore, determine your budget, the amount of time you have for these classes, and other important practicalities.

In other words, try to be realistic. Choose a Spanish language platform that fits your abilities, goals, and learning style, and not something that you think should be the right program.

And don’t push yourself too hard.

After all, you’ll make much more progress if you feel comfortable and relaxed in your online class.

What Are the Benefits of Online Spanish Classes?

If you’re used to learning from a “real” teacher in a “real” class, online language courses might seem a bit strange to you.

But in truth, they are amazing!

First of all, you can choose from a variety of programs, and learn whenever and wherever you want.

Most of the courses on our list are audio-based so you can learn Spanish while you’re commuting, cooking, jogging…

And one of the highlights of the online Spanish programs is the fact that you can learn from native speakers!

Listening to the correct pronunciation is crucial, and you can also get valuable feedback on your own pronunciation. Some courses use speech recognition technology, and some offer one-on-one online classes with a tutor.

Best Online Spanish Courses

Furthermore, you can choose the type of Spanish dialects you want to learn (Castilian, Latin American…)

It all depends on your goals and wishes. Are you visiting Mexico or Spain? Do you want to work on your speaking or your spelling?

Online programs will cater to your needs, and some of them will even ensure you a customized learning experience. You don’t have to bother with grammar if you don’t have to, and that’s something that won’t happen in traditional classes.

Therefore, the ultimate benefit of online Spanish classes is actually freedom.

On the other hand, these programs can also give you a sense of progress and structure, and that’s really important in learning a new skill.

Online language learning

And last but not least: fun! Why not learn new words through games? Why not compete with other students or test your knowledge with quizzes?

One thing is for sure: online learning classes will introduce you to Spanish in a fresh, engaging, and interactive way.

Final Thoughts

We hope our Spanish course reviews cleared things up a little!

As you can see, there are many great options on the market. But we’re sure some of these programs caught your eye.

And you can always learn from multiple resources. That’s the freedom of online learning – you can do whatever you want!

But at the end of the day, no matter which program you choose, it’s your motivation and persistence that matter the most.

It’s all about you and your willingness to work for your goals.

On the other hand, these online courses can help you stay on track as well as show you how fun learning languages can actually be!