Ling App Review – Best App to Learn a Language?

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Ling is a company that really cares about languages.

Their success stems from supporting the little languages like Thai, Albanian, or Afrikaans.

With a motto of “Connect Through Language,” Ling app is on a mission to make the world a better place through communication.

I keep hearing people buzzing about Ling, but is Ling really that great?

Well, yes! It’s really good for independent learners who want to be in charge of their learning. 

Today, I’ll go through all of Ling’s features and content in this review so you can decide if the app is the best fit for you.

So, let’s see how Ling works!

What Is Ling?

I suppose the question should be who is Ling? Ling is their cute monkey mascot who guides you and encourages you in your language learning.

The Ling app is a versatile language learning application designed to help you master new languages through bite-sized lessons and mini-games.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned language learner, Ling provides an array of tools and resources to support your language acquisition journey.

You can get Ling on the iOS app, Android app, and web (mobile or desktop.)

The app is easy to navigate, and it’s designed to put you in charge of your learning while making it fun.

Ling App review.

The program is not based on completing levels, in fact, you can choose any level or category that you want to learn about.

Within each category, there are numbered lessons, but again, you can start your learning where you want and jump around from lesson to lesson. However, you must complete the entire lesson for your progress and points to save.

As you complete lessons, you’ll collect bananas. These are your points that can be spent in the Ling shop. You’ll also acquire achievements as you learn.

With Ling, you will expand your knowledge and mastery of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You’ll learn relevant vocabulary, basic grammar structures, and have fun along the way.

The app teaches you through minigames, exams, listening and speaking exercises, and allows you to practice writing. You can also use the chatbot to ask questions to help progress your learning further.

All in one app, you’ll be able to learn multiple languages simultaneously. There are over 60 languages to choose from. 

Not only that, but Ling stands out from the other apps because you can operate the app in 44 native languages. That means if you speak Spanish, the app will operate in your native language making it easier for you to use. That’s really cool!

Ling App start screen

I can see why Ling is becoming so popular because it’s fun and covers so many bases. It also comes with a free trial and after that, it’s a really affordable yearly or lifetime subscription which you can’t beat – you’re getting access to 60 languages.

Of course, with a ton of language apps available, getting noticed isn’t easy, but Ling is innovative, affordable, and makes learning easy.

You’ll find the program very useful to improve fluency if you are willing to put in the effort. Lessons are short and can be repeated until you reach mastery. 

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What I’m trying to say is that Ling is just a tool. But if you use it effectively, you will get what you want from it.

How Does Ling Work?

Ling operates with a user-centric approach to language learning. This means that you’re in control of your learning path.

You get to decide what level to begin learning at so that you won’t have to start from square one if you already have some knowledge of the language. 

Also, within each category of lessons, you’re allowed to learn by interest rather than a set and strict trajectory of learning.

The app combines various learning methods, including interactive lessons, native speaker audio recordings, games, and real-life conversation scenarios, to create an engaging and immersive learning experience.

Ling App practicing

You’ll be completing lessons, earning bananas and gaining achievements, and increasing your overall standing on the leadership board.

Ling (the monkey) will be there to motivate you and remind you to do your daily exercises…

But! Unlike other apps, you’re in complete control of the reminders. You set when you want to be reminded, how often, or, turn off reminders completely. I love this.

Although, ideally, Ling is meant to be used on a daily basis and you’re rewarded for learning streaks. The longer the better. A streak is how many days in a row you have completed a lesson.

Lessons are easy to do every day because they’re short and engaging.

Each lesson takes between 5 to 10 minutes to complete. It’s a good idea to practice with ear pods so you can study on the way to work or wherever you are,

What do lessons actually look like?

Ling lessons are a mix of listening activities, matching, sentence fill-in-the-blanks, listening to and responding to mock conversations, writing practice, exams, and so on.

If starting as a beginner, you’ll start with basic lessons learning starter vocabulary and simple sentences. As you progress, you’ll come across some more advanced content and begin to learn grammar.

Ling App listening comprehension.

Expert level will teach you at the native speaking level but the learning patterns and activities are the same throughout the levels in terms of structure. 

Within lessons, Ling will provide you with grammar notes, but there’s not enough to actually help you understand how the language works.

They are working on releasing an entirely new section in the app dedicated to teaching grammar which will put the Ling app well ahead of the other popular language apps.

It’s important to mention that Ling does not force you to learn in a linear fashion. That means you can explore different sections and difficulties at your own pace, putting learning into your own hands.

Given everything, Ling will provide you with 200 fun and engaging lessons for each of its 60 languages, and it will no doubt help you master the basics and gain increased fluency.

So how effective is Ling?

Ling’s effectiveness in language learning is impressive, especially with the incorporation of real native speaker audio recordings. 

They have no plans to use AI-generated audio content in the future meaning you’ll have a learning advantage with Ling. Listening to actual native speakers will enhance your pronunciation and listening skills. 

Moreover, Ling’s gamified approach keeps learners motivated and engaged throughout your language-learning journey. It’s a highly effective tool for improving fluency and building confidence in your chosen language.

Of course, your success is wrapped up in how you use it.

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For example, you should be consistent with your practice. Find 5 minutes each day to practice and try to learn in a safe space where you can speak aloud often. Saying new words and phrases aloud is a proven method to learn languages faster.

You should also aim to immerse yourself in this new language. Watch movies with subtitles on or off in your target language, read children’s books, listen to popular podcasts, and anything else you can think of!

But let’s get back to Ling’s main features.



Within one app, you can learn multiple languages simultaneously. Ling has over 60 languages to choose from including the usual popular languages like French, German, or Spanish.

But it also offers less common languages such as Thai, Malay, Ukrainian, and more.

All language courses have 200 lessons of high caliber.

Another amazing language feature is the app itself can be operating in 44 native languages. No other language app offers that ability.


As was already mentioned, Ling is a learning tool that’s meant to be used daily and you’ll be rewarded for steaks. Complete a lesson a day to increase your streak. You can track achievements such as this in the Achievements tab.

Ling Podcast, TikTok, and YouTube Channel

Outside of the app, Ling provides other general learning resources to help you learn more effectively. So be sure to follow their social media channels for tips. 

Chat Bot

The chatbot offers the chance to speak and practice pronunciation within a real-life likely scenario.

You’ll be asked to respond to questions and record your responses, while also being able to listen to them and see them translated from your native language first.

Discord Channel

Ling is all about building language communities and they recently started a Discord channel for those looking for support when learning Thai.

There are plans to branch out and build Discord communities for each of the 60 languages they offer so you can connect and be motivated by other learners.


For those motivated by competition, you can track users’ progress from around the world on the leaderboard and reach for the top spot!


Receive motivational achievements such as earning crowns for earning 500 bananas, maintaining a streak, or spending your bananas. Gain titles like Champion, Diligent Master, or Overachiever.

Key Decision-Making Criteria

  1. Interactive Lessons: Engage in conversations and real-life scenarios to practice in a practical context.
  2. Flexibility: Customize your learning experience with adjustable playback speeds and learning reminders.
  3. Diverse Content: Access over 200 lessons covering vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and more.
  4. Gamified Learning: Enjoy mini-games, mastery assessments, and challenges to make learning enjoyable.
  5. User-friendliness & learning interface: A big part of Ling’s appeal is the app’s simplicity. It’s very easy to navigate, and everything is very neat and easy to find (9.5/10).
  6. Convenience: You can use Ling offline, and that makes it very convenient. Upcoming lessons will be automatically downloaded for you, and you can easily access them in the Android and iOS app (9.4/10).
  7. Languages offered: Ling offers 60 languages, and compared to many other platforms, that’s more than we’ve ever seen. You can learn commonly spoken languages and less popular languages. Also, the app being offered in 44 native languages is a game changer. (9.8/10).
  8. Quality of content: With diverse and interactive content ranging over 200 lessons for each language, there’s no doubt you’ll learn a lot with Ling: (9/10).
  9. Available platforms: The Ling app is available on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (9.7/10).
  10. Payment methods: In terms of payment methods, Ling is very flexible. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Also, you can try the app completely free. When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll also be offered a chance to try the full app for 7 days before buying. Annual and lifetime subscriptions are very affordable for all 60 languages. (9.6/10).
  11. Customer support: If you have any problems or questions, Ling’s customer service is superb. Their response rate is high and they’re active across all channels. They really love to hear from users for feedback. (9.8/10).
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Ling Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Content
  • Free to try
  • Authentic pronunciation practice with native speaker audio.
  • Adjust settings to match your pace and preferences.
  • Engaging games and challenges make learning fun.
  • Learn multiple languages within one app.


  • Grammar explanations could be better
  • No personalized feedback
  • Needs an internet connection to work

Who Is Ling For?

Ling caters to a diverse spectrum of language learners. For beginners starting from ground zero, Ling will lead you through the fundamental aspects of the language. 

Intermediate learners will find Ling equally beneficial as it supports them in building upon their existing language skills, helping them progress to more advanced levels. 

Advanced learners looking to refine their language proficiency and work towards fluency will discover Ling to be a valuable resource. 

Additionally, travelers seeking effective communication tools overseas will find Ling to be an excellent companion.

Lastly, for self-motivated individuals who prefer a flexible and self-directed approach to language learning, Ling offers an ideal platform to achieve their linguistic goals.

In essence, Ling accommodates a wide array of language learners, regardless of their proficiency level or learning preferences.

How Much Does Ling Cost?

One of the best things about Ling is the fact that it’s completely free to try. You just need to sign up and start learning.

Month-by-month subscriptions are $8.99

Annual subscriptions run $9.91 per month and include a 7-day free trial (Psst… we have a special promotion for you if you sign up!)

The best deal is the lifetime subscription which is only $149.99 

Similar Platforms to Consider

As we mentioned earlier, Ling is ideal for casual learners and absolute beginners. But it won’t help you build strong conversational skills or take you to advanced levels.

If you’re looking for a more serious but user-friendly and comprehensive platform, you should check out Rocket Languages.

Rocket Languages also offers a mix of exercises and drills, but it’s far more complete. It will provide you with cultural facts and introduce you to a new language in a more elegant and efficient way.

And if you like gamified apps like Ling, you can check out Babbel.

Babbel uses gamification in a very smart way, and it also puts emphasis on grammar, culture, and writing.

You can also opt for a Babbel Live subscription and take live language classes.

Check my full Babbel review here.

Is Ling Worth It? Final Thoughts

Considering all that it offers, Ling is the best freemium language-learning app out there today.

The Ling app is simple to use, fun, and most importantly handy and effective.

Just remember that no app will make you fluent but Ling will be your language buddy to help you reach that stage sooner, especially with its focus on conversational skills.

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