10 Best Online Korean Courses & Classes

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Are you planning a trip to Korea? Or are you fascinated by Korean culture and you want to get to know it better?

No matter what your reason for wanting to learn Korean is, we can only encourage you to make your wish come true!

Korean is a beautiful language, and it’s fairly easy to learn. Yes, even the Korean alphabet isn’t as hard as you think.

And if you’re going to learn Korean online, you’ll undoubtedly have a very relaxed yet engaging learning experience.

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the 10 best online Korean courses.

We’ll show you their main features and benefits, so you’ll know what’s the right program for you.

10 Best Online Korean Courses & Classes

1. Rocket Korean

Rocket Korean online course

Let’s begin with one of the most popular online language-learning platforms.

Luckily, Rocket Languages also offers Korean classes.

And that’s arguably one of the best ways to learn Korean online.

Rocket Korean Features

The Rocket Korean course is largely audio-based but it’s focused on the development of all main language skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

It has a voice recognition system that will help you work on your pronunciation.

And it combines useful study tools and features such as flashcards, quizzes, an in-built dictionary, and the MyVocab feature.

It also has many Reinforcement Activities; that will help you strengthen your knowledge.

Rocket Korean also has gamified elements. For example, you’ll be earning points. And you can check your position on the Leaderboard.

You can use Rocket Korean on all your devices, and all the lessons are downloadable.

It’s a very convenient online program and it’s ideal for people who want a well-structured, linear curriculum.

On the other hand, Rocket Korean will give you the freedom to focus on what you want (learning the alphabet, practical vocabulary, specific topics, etc.)

Content and Benefits

Rocket Korean content is divided into several sections: Interactive Audio, Language & Culture, Writing, and the Survival Kit lessons.

Interactive Audio lessons will introduce you to the basics. You’ll learn how to get around Seoul, start a conversation, order a meal, and so on. And you’ll learn a thing or two about Korean history and tradition.

These lessons include everyday dialogues. You’ll listen to them, repeat certain words, and pick up on new vocabulary.

On the other hand, Language & Culture lessons will teach you how Korean works. You’ll learn all about correct pronunciation. At the end of each lesson, you’ll get a culture lesson; you’ll delve deeper into Korean history and customs.

And there’s an active blog on their website which is also a plus.

All in all, Rocket Korean will prepare you for real-life situations and everyday conversations as well as immerse you in the Korean language and culture.

It’s a reliable, well-rounded program that won’t disappoint you.

Who is Rocket Korean Best For?

Rocket Korean is the best Korean course for beginners who want to learn Korean and build their conversational skills. Read our full Rocket Languages review.

Start your free trial of Rocket Languages Korean here!

2. 90 Day Korean

This online Korean program promises to teach you how to speak Korean in 90 days.

Let us tell you why that’s a very attainable goal.

90 Day Korean Features

First of all, with the 90 Day Korean course, don’t expect to be fluent in 90 days. Nor does the program promise that. But you’ll be able to maintain a 3-minute conversation with a Korean speaker.

90 Day Korean offers both free and paid content. They have a lot of free content on their blog, Youtube channel, and social media.

And there are four structured courses inside the 90 Day Korean membership program. Each of the courses is made up of 13 weeks (90 days) of lessons.

The program offers the structure, but you don’t have to stick to it, and you can learn at your own pace.

It’s based on text lessons, audio tracks, games, activities, and Challenge exercises, with the possibility of personal coaching.

There are also monthly live audio speaking sessions where you can get feedback from a Korean tutor.

Content and Benefits

The main set of courses inside of the Members Area is called the Inner Circle. It’s a structured 90-day course we’ve mentioned above.

You can choose between two types of memberships: Standard (full access to all courses and speaking sessions) and VIP (courses + personal coaching and homework grading.)

In a nutshell, 90 Day Korean focuses on pronunciation and communication skills as well as writing and grammar.

You’ll get hand-picked Korean lessons with only the essential parts of the language. So, you won’t get overwhelmed with too much information.

You’ll learn all the relevant practical vocabulary and the basics necessary to have a casual conversational. As you progress, you’ll be able to talk about a wide range of topics.

Who is 90 Day Korean Best For?

90 Day Korean offers great Korean language classes for people who want to learn how to speak Korean in a quick and easy way.

It’s a good learning source for travelers who want to learn the basics before visiting Korea.

3. KoreanClass101

Korean Class101 offers amazing Korean online classes for aural learners.

It’s largely based on podcast-style lessons.

KoreanClass101 Features

Besides audio lessons, KoreanClass101 combines interactive exercises and video clips.

It also has a lot of useful features such as flashcards, slideshows, and word lists.

The program’s Pathways feature will allow you to add structure to your learning.

Otherwise, you can browse through modules and pick them according to your interests.

If you subscribe to Premium Plus, you’ll also have a personal guidance option. This will give you a fantastic opportunity to talk to a real teacher and get corrections and answers to your questions via private messenger.

Moreover, you can download all the lessons (MP3s and PDFs) and learn on the go.

Content and Benefits

With the KoreanClass101 course, you’ll learn Korean by listening to native speakers talking about a variety of topics. With slowed-down audio and line-by-line breakdowns, you’ll be able to pick up every word.

After listening to the dialogue, you’ll then learn more about the cultural context in which the dialogue takes place.

And you’ll be introduced to the key vocabulary, phrases, morphology, and syntax.

As you can see, KoreanClass101 will provide you with a well-rounded curriculum that will introduce you to the Korean language in the right way.

And there’s really a lot of good content. On top of that, you can join frequent live lessons on their Youtube channel, so there’s always fresh material for you to explore.

Who is KoreanClass101 Best For?

KoreanClass101 is a great learning source for anyone who likes to learn by listening to podcast-style lessons.

It’s suitable for all skill levels.

4. Pimsleur

Pimsleur Korean

Pimsleur is a popular language-learning platform that offers fantastic online Korean classes.

Let’s see what makes it so popular!

Pimsleur Features

Pimsleur is known for its efficiency and the so-called Pimsleur Method.

According to Pimsleur, If you repeat the new words at specific time intervals (graduated interval recall), they will move into your long-term memory.

So, ass you might assume, there’s a lot of listening and repeating.

But Pimsleur classes will keep you focused and engaged. They are rather short and comprehensible. In fact, courses deliberately limit the amount you learn in one lesson, so you’ll have a chance for everything to sink in.

With Pimsleur Korean, you’ll actively work on your pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, and reading. You’ll also get drills and exercises to test your knowledge and strengthen your skills.

And you’ll be able to learn whenever and wherever you are.

Content and Benefits

Pimsleur is also based on organic learning. Therefore, you’ll be learning new words and phrases through context.

Audio lessons are centered around real-life conversations. So, you’ll mostly be listening, but you’ll also be asked to recall certain words.

Eventually (and rather quickly), you’ll learn all the greetings, common expressions, phrases, and practical vocabulary.

In other words, you’ll be ready to have a conversation in Korean.

And you can learn on the go; while you’re commuting, jogging, or driving, which is a huge advantage for some people.

Who is Pimsleur Korean Best For?

Pimsleur Korean is an ideal learning source for people who want to learn on the go.

It’s great for beginners who want to enhance their conversational skills. Read our full Pimsleur review.

5. Talk to Me in Korean

Talk to Me in Korean

If you want to learn the Korean language online, you should definitely also consider Talk to Me in Korean.

It’s a popular website created by native Korean teachers.

Talk to Me in Korean Features

As they state on their website: the TTMIK team believes in understanding the learner’s perspective, motivation, and practicality.

Their website offers a lot of quality content.

You can choose between a Basic and Premium membership.

If you’re not sure where to start or which level you’re at, you can take their placement test first.

The program is very easy to use. Lessons are divided into levels, and every time you come back you can continue where you left off.

You’ll also get notifications about their latest updates and your study progress.

Content and Benefits

With the basic membership, you’ll get all the essential Korean courses, PDF lesson notes, and a certificate.

If you become a Premium member, you’ll get extra sample dialogue videos, comprehension quizzes, and hundreds of Premium lessons.

TTMIK lessons will teach you Korean must-know words, grammar, pronunciation, and essential phrases. You’ll enhance your reading comprehension, speaking, and listening.

You’ll also listen to situational dialogues as well as stories and talks about Korean culture.

Without a doubt, TTTMIK will meet all your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Who is Talk to Me in Korean Best For?

TTMIK offers versatile and reliable Korean language classes online. They are probably most beneficial to beginners.

6. Cyber University of Korea

Cyber University of Korea

Are you searching for free Korean classes online?

You should check out what the Cyber University of Korea has to offer.

Cyber University of Korea Features

The Cyber University of Korea is the nation’s first cyber university founded in 2001.

And they offer fantastic free Korean classes as a part of their Bareun Korean language education program.

As it says on their website: they want to serve as a foundation for disseminating the Korean language around the world.

Nevertheless, the program is designed for web and mobile.

It’s divided into different stages (1-4.) By studying level 4, you can achieve proficiency of level 3.5 in the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK.)

There are lots of video lessons available, and you can also browse them on Youtube. However, the titles of the video are mostly in Korean, so you’ll have to learn the alphabet first.

Content and Benefits

The Cyber University of Korea created a very useful Korean learning resource.

As a beginner, you’ll start learning how to communicate on everyday topics (greeting, introducing yourself, and so on.)

In Level 2, you’ll learn all about everyday life situations and how to talk about your personal interests.

And when you complete the lessons in Level 4, you’ll know how to communicate relatively fluently on familiar social topics.

All things considered, the Bareun Korean program will help you build your conversational skills and prepare you for all potential daily life situations.

Who is Cyber University of Korea Best For?

Cyber University of Korea courses are perfect for people searching for free online Korean classes.

7. Coursera Online Korean Courses (First Step Korean)      

Coursera offers multiple online Korean courses by different Universities, but we will focus on the most popular one: the First Step Korean course by Yonsei University in Seoul.

This course has been taken by more than a million students.

So if you’re looking for a university standard Korean course, this would be a great choice for you.

Coursera Online Korean Courses Features

Yonsei University is deemed one of the three most prestigious institutions in the country. Therefore, you can assume that they offer reliable, high-quality Korean classes online.

Their First Step Korean course contains pre-recorded video lectures, just like all Coursera lessons.

This is an elementary-level Korean language course that covers all four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

There are approximately 18 hours to complete, and you can learn at your own pace.

If you take a course in audit mode, you’ll be able to see most course materials for free. And if you purchase the Certificate experience, you’ll get graded assignments and a Certificate.

Content and Benefits

First Step Korean course will introduce you to the basics of the Korean language.

You’ll learn the Korean writing system (Hangul), greetings, expressions about family, and various Korean vocabulary regarding daily life.

Each lesson consists of videos, readings, and quizzes.

Subtitles of the course are available in different languages, which is great. Some of the available languages are Arabic, French, Portuguese, and German.

Another huge benefit is the Certificate; this can really be helpful for your educational or job opportunities. And it’s a shareable certificate (you can share it on LinkedIn.)

Who are Coursera Online Korean Courses Best For?

Coursera Online Korean Courses are perfect for people searching for well-structured, university Korean courses.

It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to get a language certificate upon completion.

8. Mango Languages

Mango Languages is one of the most fresh-looking language learning platforms.

And it offers great Korean online classes.

Mango Languages Features

You can use the Mango Languages program on all your devices. It’s basically an app, but in a way, it works like a course.

It’s based on the intuitive chunking approach; so you’ll learn Korean by memorizing lexical chunks (rather than memorizing words.)

And with the help of semantic color mapping, you’ll draw connections between the Korean languages and your native language.

The program is based on audio lessons and interactive exercises. You can also record your speech to check your pronunciation.

You’ll learn vocabulary and grammar but you’ll also get cultural insights.

Also, the program focuses on adaptive learning, so it will recognize your unique learning behaviors and adapt accordingly.

Content and Benefits

This online Korean course combines critical-thinking exercises, memory-building exercises, and pronunciation practice guided by native-speaking instructors.

You’ll learn all the essential phrases, idioms, and figures of speech. You’ll learn to understand the difference between understood and literal meanings.

And you’ll also apply what you’ve learned to a cultural context, so you’ll get a more profound understanding of the Korean language.

It’s a well-structured course that will allow you to learn in the most efficient way.

Another benefit is the beautiful design. Apart from being eye-catching, Mango Languages courses are very easy to navigate.

Who is Mango Languages Best For?

Mango Languages Korean course is a great learning source for all types of learners.

It’s very efficient, engaging, and comprehensible.

9. Glossika

Glossika Korean courses

Glossika offers a Korean course ideal for aural learners.

Keep reading to find out what makes it one of the best online Korean courses.

Glossika Features

Just like Mango Languages, Glossika focuses on lexical chunks.

However, it’s largely based on audio lessons.

Glossika’s audio-based training will improve your listening and speaking skills at native speed. So, you’ll be listening to native speakers and repeating after them.

This method is very effective, and it will get you to speak right away. But it will also strengthen your comprehension skills and prepare you for real situations.

You can learn in two modes: Full Practice and Listening Only. We encourage you to use the Full Practice mode as much as you can. But you can easily switch them anytime.

On the Glossika website, you can also find downloadable materials, guides, blog posts, and so on.

Content and Features

Glossika Korean will provide you with customized material suitable for your level.

All lessons are based on full sentence practice. That means you’ll learn the Korean language in a more natural and more effective way.

Moreover, you’ll learn the language in four key skills integrated with spaced repetition.

Glossika is based on a research-grounded method, so you’ll be sure to get the results you want.

You’ll learn practical vocabulary, phrases, expressions, and important grammar rules.

And you can do that while you’re doing something else; the Glossika Korean course is portable and hands-free. So, the Listening Only mode is really great if you want to learn on the go.

Who is Glossika Korean Best For?

Glossika Korean course is a great resource for learners who want to enhance their language skills.

It’s also convenient for anyone who prefers to learn while doing something else.

10. italki

italki one-on-one Korean lessons online

And if you’re searching for one-on-one Korean lessons, you can always turn to italki.

It’s a popular language-learning platform that connects learners and teachers.

italki Features

If you want, you can think about italki as a Korean online school. 

But in many ways, italki is even better than traditional lessons. It will give you freedom and flexibility. And you can learn from the comfort of your home.

The first step is to find the right teacher. On the italki website, you can find all the information you need: their hourly rate (and 30 minutes trial rate), their schedule, and a short video introduction.

The Instant Teacher feature will allow you to find a teacher who’s available right now.

As you can see, italki is a very convenient platform. And virtual one-on-one lessons will help you focus on what you really want.

You can also join the online italki community, meet fellow students and find a conversational partner.

And italki’s seasonal Language Challenges will allow you to beat your personal best and rank yourself against other learners from across the world.

Content and Benefits

italki won’t provide you with a clear, structured curriculum. But your teacher will create a study plan suitable for your level.

Therefore, you can also focus on a specific skill (learning Hangul, speaking, etc.) or you can learn Korean from the scratch.

It all depends on your current level and goals.

italki tutors are experienced, qualified natives, and as their success on italki is based on students’ reviews, you don’t have to worry about coming across someone who doesn’t know how to do their job.

Overall, italki is a great platform for people who want clear guidance. And it’s often more affordable than traditional classes.

But flexibility and personalized learning experience are definitely italki’s biggest highlights.

Who is italki Best For?

We recommend italki to anyone looking for reliable Korean one-on-one classes.

And it’s ideal for people who want to work on a specific skill.

How to Choose the Best Online Korean Courses?

All of the Korean courses we presented you are popular and reliable.

So how to choose the best Korean course for you?

Well, you should look for a course that fits your learning style. If you feel like you need structure, you should opt for linear lessons with clear guidance.

And if you want to learn while you’re traveling, you should opt for hands-free courses or check if the program offers downloadable materials.

Either way, each program has a specific learner in mind, and that’s why we picked different types of Korean programs.

Best Online Korean Courses

Your goals are also very important: do you want a language certificate? Or are you visiting South Korea and you want to be able to get around and talk to locals?

Also, most of these courses offer free trials. So, you can always test the waters first.

If you want to acquire advanced language skills, you need to have a solid foundation. And that’s why it’s crucial to start learning Korean the right way from the very beginning.

What Are the Benefits of Online Korean Classes?

The benefits of online Korean classes are numerous.

First of all, learning Korean is not as hard as you might think. Many people master the Korean alphabet without any problems. And once you know how to read and write Hangul, you’ll already feel like you’re making huge progress.

Korean grammar also isn’t that hard to handle. So you don’t have to be afraid of Korean courses focused on grammar. It’s always useful to delve deeper into the language in that way.

Also, online courses are designed to make all of this easier for you. There are many ways to make learning Korean smoother.

But one of the biggest benefits of online Korean classes is probably the flexibility. You can learn wherever and whenever you want, and you can focus on what really matters to you.

Learning Korean

The Korean language is becoming more and more popular, but Korean classes are still not available in many living areas. And that’s another huge advantage of online Korean courses – it gives you amazing opportunities regardless of where you live.

You can learn from top universities, native teachers, and experienced online tutors.

Also, learning Korean online will immerse you in their culture. You’ll watch video clips, listen to natural dialogues, and learn about Korean history, customs, and tradition.

Getting to know a new language and culture is always rewarding. You can learn about a completely different way of life, and that kind of experience can only make you more compassionate and open-minded.

And you can meet fellow learners from different parts of the world; many online courses strive to build an online community.

Therefore, starting with online Korean lessons is really the single best thing you can do for yourself today.

Final Thoughts

We hope our Korean courses reviews gave you enough information to make the right decision.

But no matter which program you choose, we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Online courses are a perfect way to get to know the language and learn in a way that suits you best.

They are immersive and engaging, and they will probably save you a lot of time and money.

And when it comes to Korean, you’ll soon realize that it’s a very fun and interesting language to learn!