Ways To Say Congratulations In French

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Congratulations! You’re about to discover the various ways to say congratulations in French. Whether you’re planning to travel to France or simply want to impress your French-speaking friends, this article has got you covered. In just a few minutes, you’ll become familiar with expressions like ‘félicitations,’ ‘bravo,’ and ‘bien joué,’ which are commonly used to congratulate someone in French.

Additionally, you’ll learn phrases such as ‘toutes mes félicitations’ and ‘je te tire mon chapeau’ to express admiration and respect. By mastering these phrases, you’ll be able to convey your warmest wishes and show your appreciation to others in a truly French way.

So, let’s dive in and explore the beautiful language of congratulations together!


You can’t help but feel a sense of pride when someone offers you their heartfelt félicitations.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be recognized for your achievements.

Félicitations, which means ‘congratulations’ in French, is a versatile word that can be used in various situations.

Whether it’s for a job well done, a special occasion, or a personal milestone, félicitations is the perfect way to acknowledge and celebrate someone’s success.

So next time someone accomplishes something remarkable, don’t forget to offer them your sincere félicitations.


Bravo, that’s quite an achievement!

Bravo is a popular way to say congratulations in French. It carries a sense of admiration and approval for someone’s accomplishment.

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It is a simple and straightforward expression that can be used in various contexts. Whether it’s a job promotion, winning a competition, or finishing a difficult task, saying ‘Bravo’ shows appreciation and recognition for the person’s hard work and success.

So, keep up the good work and continue to impress with your achievements!

Bien joué

Impressive job! ‘Bien joué’ is a fantastic way to acknowledge someone’s achievement, filling their hearts with pride and satisfaction.

This expression, which literally means ‘well played,’ is commonly used in French to congratulate someone for a job well done. It carries a sense of admiration and recognition for the effort and skill displayed.

By using ‘bien joué,’ you are showing genuine appreciation for the person’s accomplishments and encouraging them to continue their success.

Toutes mes félicitations

Wow, ‘Toutes mes félicitations’ is a remarkable way to acknowledge someone’s achievements in a captivating and heartfelt manner.

By using this phrase, you convey a sense of genuine admiration and respect for the person’s accomplishments.

It shows that you recognize the effort and hard work they have put into achieving their goals.

‘Toutes mes félicitations’ is a beautiful expression that truly celebrates the success of others and leaves a lasting impression.


Hats off to you for a truly remarkable achievement!

‘Chapeau’ is a popular way to say congratulations in French. It is an informal expression that conveys admiration and respect for someone’s accomplishment. By using ‘Chapeau,’ you are acknowledging the person’s hard work and applauding their success.

This phrase is commonly used in both casual and formal settings. So, chapeau to you for your outstanding accomplishment! Keep up the excellent work!

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Superbe travail

You’ve truly excelled with your work, demonstrating a level of skill and dedication that is truly commendable.

Your performance has been outstanding, and your achievements deserve recognition.

Your attention to detail, creativity, and perseverance have resulted in an outcome that is impressive and inspiring.

It is evident that you’ve put in a great deal of effort and passion into this project, and the results speak for themselves.

Well done on a job well done!

Je te tire mon chapeau

Chapeau bas for your exceptional work!

Je te tire mon chapeau for the incredible effort and dedication you have shown.

It is truly impressive how you have achieved such outstanding results. Your talent and skill are remarkable, and you deserve all the praise and recognition.

Your accomplishments are a testament to your hard work and perseverance.

Bravo! Keep up the fantastic work!

Tu as bien mérité ça

Well done on a job well done, you truly deserve it!
Tu as bien mérité ça.

Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and it’s fantastic to see you being recognized for your achievements.
You have demonstrated exceptional skills and determination, and this success is a testament to your abilities.

Enjoy this moment of celebration and know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
Congratulations once again!

Je suis fier(e) de toi

Je suis vraiment fier(e) de toi et de tout ce que tu as accompli.
Tu as travaillé dur et tu as montré une détermination exceptionnelle.
Tes efforts ont été récompensés et tu peux être fier(e) de toi-même.
Tu as prouvé que tu es capable de grandes choses et j’admire ton courage.

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Continue sur cette lancée et n’oublie pas que je suis toujours là pour te soutenir.
Bravo, tu es vraiment remarquable !

Je te souhaite toutes mes félicitations

Wow, what an incredible achievement!

Je te souhaite toutes mes félicitations.

Tu as réussi quelque chose d’extraordinaire et je suis extrêmement fier(e) de toi.

Ton travail acharné et ta détermination ont porté leurs fruits.

Tu mérites toutes les éloges et les applaudissements pour ton succès.

Continue à persévérer et à atteindre de nouveaux sommets.

Encore une fois, félicitations et bravo pour cette brillante réalisation!


In conclusion, there are various ways to express congratulations in French.

From the straightforward ‘Félicitations’ and ‘Bravo’ to the more informal ‘Bien joué’ and ‘Chapeau,’ there are options for every situation.

Adding a personal touch, phrases like ‘Je suis fier(e) de toi’ and ‘Je te souhaite toutes mes félicitations’ convey a sense of pride and genuine admiration.

So, whether you’re celebrating a friend’s success or acknowledging someone’s hard work, these phrases will surely make them feel appreciated and accomplished.