Ways To Say Happy New Year In French

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Are you looking for ways to impress your French-speaking friends this New Year’s? Well, look no further! In this article, we will explore various ways to say ‘Happy New Year’ in French.

By using these phrases, you can wish your loved ones good health, success, and happiness in the coming year. From the classic ‘Bonne année et bonne santé’ to the heartfelt ‘Que tous vos vœux se réalisent,’ you will discover a range of expressions that will make your New Year’s greetings stand out.

So, whether you’re planning to send a card, make a toast, or simply want to expand your French vocabulary, this article will provide you with the perfect phrases to make a lasting impression. Get ready to spread joy and bring in the new year with style!

Bonne année et bonne santé (Happy New Year and good health)

Wishing you a year filled with joy, happiness, and good health, Bonne année et bonne santé!

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May your days be filled with laughter and your heart be filled with peace.

May each moment bring you closer to your dreams and may you find success in all your endeavors.

Embrace the new year with open arms and cherish the memories that lie ahead.

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

Meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année (Best wishes for the new year)

Imagine yourself surrounded by loved ones, as you warmly extend your heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and joyous start to the year.

As you celebrate the beginning of a new year, don’t forget to say ‘Meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année’ to everyone.

These simple words carry the power to bring happiness and good fortune to all.

Let your genuine wishes touch the hearts of your loved ones and create a positive atmosphere for the year ahead.

Que cette année vous apporte bonheur et réussite (May this year bring you happiness and success)

May this year bring you an abundance of joy and achievements beyond your wildest dreams.

Que cette année vous apporte bonheur et réussite.

Que chaque jour soit rempli de moments précieux et de réussites incroyables.

Puissiez-vous réaliser tous vos objectifs et être comblé de bonheur tout au long de cette nouvelle année.

Que la réussite et la prospérité soient vos compagnons fidèles.

Meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année qui commence, que vous soyez comblé de bonheur et de réussite.

Joyeux réveillon et bonne année (Happy New Year’s Eve and happy new year)

Get ready to celebrate and toast to a fantastic New Year’s Eve and an even better year ahead!

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Joyeux réveillon et bonne année!

It’s time to gather with loved ones, raise a glass, and bid farewell to the old year while welcoming the new one with open arms.

Cherish the memories made, embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, and let the joy and excitement of the new year fill your heart.

Here’s to a year filled with happiness, love, and success!

Que tous vos vœux se réalisent (May all your wishes come true)

Here’s to hoping all your dreams come true in the coming year!

May all your wishes be fulfilled and may you find happiness and success in all that you do.

The new year is a time for new beginnings and I believe that this year will bring you endless opportunities and blessings.

Embrace the year ahead with optimism and positivity, and remember that anything is possible.

Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

Bonne et heureuse année (Good and happy year)

May all your wishes come true.

Now let’s move on to another way to say ‘Happy New Year’ in French. It is ‘Bonne et heureuse année’.

This phrase is commonly used in France to wish someone a good and happy year ahead.

It is a simple and straightforward way to express your well wishes for the new year.

So, Bonne et heureuse année to you!

Que cette nouvelle année soit remplie de joie et de succès (May this new year be filled with joy and success)

Let’s hope this new year brings us boundless joy and endless success. Que cette nouvelle année soit remplie de joie et de succès.

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May all our dreams come true and may we achieve all our goals. Let’s embrace the opportunities that come our way and make the most of them.

Together, let’s make this year unforgettable and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy New Year!

Santé, bonheur et prospérité pour la nouvelle année (Health, happiness, and prosperity for the new year)

Wishing you an abundance of good health, happiness, and prosperity for the upcoming year.

May this new year bring you vibrant health, pure happiness, and endless opportunities for success.

May your days be filled with laughter, your heart with joy, and your pockets with wealth.

Here’s to a year of good fortune, fulfilling relationships, and a prosperous future.

Cheers to a new year filled with endless possibilities and a life filled with blessings.

Que cette année soit remplie de belles surprises (May this year be filled with beautiful surprises)

Here’s to hoping that this year brings an abundance of delightful surprises.
May each day be filled with unexpected joys and pleasant moments that bring a smile to your face.
Embrace the unknown and let it bring excitement and wonder into your life.
May this year be a journey of discovery, where every turn brings new and beautiful surprises.
Cheers to an amazing year ahead!

Bonne année à tous (Happy New Year to everyone)

Cheers to an incredible year ahead as we bid adieu to the old and welcome the new!

Bonne année à tous! It’s time to celebrate and embrace the possibilities that lie before us.

May this year bring joy, love, and success in abundance. Let’s raise our glasses and toast to new beginnings and endless opportunities.

Here’s to a year filled with happiness, health, and prosperity.

Happy New Year to everyone!


So there you have it, a variety of ways to say happy new year in French. Whether you choose to wish someone bonne année et bonne santé, meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année, or any of the other phrases mentioned, the important thing is to spread joy and well wishes for the coming year.

So go ahead and use these expressions to greet your French-speaking friends and loved ones.

Bonne année à tous!