Ways To Say See You Later In Spanish

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Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? Do you want to impress the locals by saying goodbye in their language? Look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of ways to say ‘see you later’ in Spanish.

Whether you prefer a casual or formal farewell, we’ve got you covered. From the common ‘hasta luego’ and ‘nos vemos’ to the more affectionate ‘adiós’ and ‘hasta pronto,’ you will learn the most authentic and widely-used expressions.

We’ll even teach you some informal alternatives like ‘chao’ and ‘hasta mañana’ for a more laid-back vibe. So, whether you’re saying goodbye to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, this article will equip you with the right words to make a lasting impression.

Say adiós to language barriers and embrace the Spanish-speaking world with confidence. ¡Vamos!

Hasta luego

Hey, hasta luego!

Don’t let the goodbyes get you down, it’s just a temporary farewell until we meet again.

Hasta luego is a common way to say ‘see you later’ in Spanish. It is a casual and friendly way to bid someone farewell. The phrase literally translates to ‘until later,’ indicating that you will see the person again in the near future.

Remember, when using hasta luego, maintain a warm and positive tone to leave a lasting impression.

Nos vemos

Adiós for now, but before you go, let me share with you a fantastic phrase that’ll impress your Spanish-speaking friends when it’s time to bid farewell.

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‘Nos vemos’ is the perfect way to say ‘see you later.’ This simple phrase shows your intention to meet again. Whether it’s a casual or formal setting, ‘nos vemos’ is versatile and widely used.

So, next time you say goodbye, remember to use ‘nos vemos’ to leave a lasting impression.


Although ‘nos vemos’ is a versatile and widely used phrase to bid farewell, there are other ways to say goodbye in Spanish.

One such phrase is ‘adiós.’ It is a more formal and definitive way to say goodbye, often used when parting ways for a longer period of time. It carries a sense of finality and may be used in more serious or formal situations.

However, it can also be used in a casual context among friends.

Hasta pronto

Another way to bid farewell in a more optimistic tone is by using the phrase ‘hasta pronto.’ It is commonly translated as ‘see you soon’ in English.

It is a friendly and casual way to say goodbye to someone you expect to see in the near future. The phrase ‘hasta’ means ‘until,’ and ‘pronto’ means ‘soon,’ so it implies that you will meet again soon.

It is a popular phrase used among friends and acquaintances.


Hey there, why not bid farewell in a fun and playful manner with the word ‘Chao’?

This informal way of saying goodbye is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a short and catchy word that adds a touch of friendliness to your farewells.

So, next time you want to say goodbye to someone, just say ‘Chao’ and watch their face light up with a smile. It’s a simple yet effective way to end a conversation on a positive note.

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Give it a try!

Hasta la próxima

Until the next time we meet, bid farewell with the phrase ‘Hasta la próxima’. This expression is a formal and graceful way to say goodbye in Spanish-speaking countries. It is commonly used when you know you will see the person again in the near future. Using ‘Hasta la próxima’ shows respect and consideration for the other person’s presence in your life.

So, next time you say goodbye to someone in Spanish, remember to use ‘Hasta la próxima’ to leave a lasting impression.

Hasta mañana

As the sun sets over the horizon, bid farewell to your Spanish-speaking friends with the warm phrase ‘Hasta mañana’. This common phrase, meaning ‘See you tomorrow,’ is a friendly and optimistic way to say goodbye. It conjures images of promising tomorrows and the anticipation of a new day. By using ‘Hasta mañana’, you express the hope of seeing each other again soon, creating a sense of connection and leaving the door open for future encounters.


Take care of yourself by using the phrase ‘Cuidate’, a simple yet heartfelt way to express your concern for someone’s well-being.

This phrase is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries as a friendly goodbye. It shows that you genuinely care about the other person’s safety and health.

By saying ‘Cuidate’, you are reminding them to take care of themselves and stay safe until you see each other again. It is a thoughtful gesture that can leave a lasting impression on the person you are saying goodbye to.

Que te vaya bien

Moving on from the previous subtopic, ‘Cuidate,’ let’s explore another way to say ‘see you later’ in Spanish.

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The phrase ‘Que te vaya bien’ is commonly used to wish someone well, implying that you hope everything goes well for them.

This expression is an ideal way to bid farewell to someone and convey your best wishes.

Remember to use it with sincerity and warmth to leave a lasting positive impression.

Buen día

Start your day off on the right foot with a heartfelt ‘Buen día’!

This simple phrase, meaning ‘good day,’ is a common and polite way to greet someone in Spanish.

By using ‘Buen día,’ you are wishing the person a good day ahead.

It’s a friendly and warm way to start a conversation or bid farewell.

So, next time you want to wish someone a good day, remember to say ‘Buen día’!


In conclusion, there are several ways to say ‘see you later’ in Spanish. The most common phrases include ‘Hasta luego,’ ‘Nos vemos,’ and ‘Adiós.’ These expressions can be used interchangeably depending on the context and the level of formality desired.

Other phrases such as ‘Hasta pronto,’ ‘Chao,’ and ‘Hasta mañana’ can also be used to bid farewell. Additionally, phrases like ‘Cuidate’ and ‘Que te vaya bien’ convey well wishes for the person leaving.

Remember to use these phrases appropriately to ensure effective communication in Spanish-speaking environments.