Ways To Say Handsome In Korean

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Hey there! Want to learn some cool ways to compliment someone’s appearance in Korean? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ve got you covered with various expressions to convey how handsome someone is in Korean.

Whether you’re aiming for a casual slang or a more formal approach, we’ve got the right words for you.

We’ll also provide you with flattering words to use, tips for complimenting different facial features, and even ways to praise someone’s fashion sense.

And hey, if you want to express admiration for your favorite handsome celebrities, we’ve got that covered too!

Plus, we’ll give you some valuable tips on how to deliver your compliments effectively in Korean.

So, get ready to impress your Korean friends with your newfound language skills and make them feel extra special with your compliments.

Let’s dive in and discover the wonderful ways to say handsome in Korean!

Complimenting Someone’s Appearance in Korean

You should definitely learn how to compliment someone’s appearance in Korean. It’ll make you sound natural and friendly, showing appreciation for their physical features.

To say ‘handsome,’ use the word ‘잘 생겼어요’ (jal saenggyeosseoyo).

You can also say ‘멋있어요’ (meosisseoyo), which means ‘cool’ but can also be used to describe someone as ‘handsome.’

Learning these phrases will help you make a positive impression and build stronger relationships with Korean speakers.

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Casual Slang for Handsome

Looking for some cool slang to describe a good-looking guy? Well, how about using these casual Korean expressions?

If you want to say someone is handsome in a trendy way, you can use the word ‘잘생긴’ (jalsaenggin).

Another option is to use the word ‘멋있는’ (meosisneun), which means cool or stylish.

These expressions are commonly used among young people in Korea to compliment someone’s appearance.

So, next time you want to praise a guy’s looks, try using these casual slang terms!

Formal Expressions for Handsome

Impress others with your eloquence by using formal Korean expressions to describe a good-looking gentleman.

When it comes to formal expressions for handsome, you can use the word ‘잘생기다’ (jal-saeng-gida), which means ‘good-looking’ or ‘handsome.’

Another option is ‘미남’ (mi-nam), which specifically refers to a good-looking man.

These formal expressions are suitable for more formal situations, such as business meetings or formal gatherings, where you want to show respect and politeness.

Flattering Words to Use in Korean

With a touch of charm, sprinkle your conversations with delightful Korean phrases to uplift and flatter those around you. Complimenting someone’s appearance in Korean is a great way to make them feel special. Use phrases like ‘잘생겼어요’ (jal-saeng-gyeoss-eo-yo) to say ‘You’re handsome,’ or ‘멋있어요’ (meot-it-sseo-yo) to say ‘You’re cool.’

These flattering words will surely bring a smile to their face and strengthen your bond with them. So go ahead, spread the positivity and make someone’s day!

Complimenting Facial Features

When it comes to complimenting someone’s facial features, there are plenty of endearing Korean phrases that’ll make you feel even more beautiful or attractive.

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You could say ‘미소가 예뻐요’ (Your smile is beautiful) to highlight their captivating smile.

To compliment their eyes, you can say ‘눈이 반짝반짝해요’ (Your eyes sparkle).

If you want to praise their nose, you can use ‘코가 고와요’ (Your nose is pretty).

These phrases will surely make their day!

Describing a Stylish Look

A person’s stylish look can instantly captivate others and leave a lasting impression. When it comes to describing a stylish look in Korean, you can use the phrase ‘멋있는 스타일’ (meosisneun seutail).

This phrase translates to ‘stylish style’ in English and is commonly used to compliment someone’s fashionable appearance. It acknowledges their sense of fashion and the effort they put into their overall look, making it a great way to express admiration for their stylishness.

Praising Someone’s Fashion Sense

Impress others with your impeccable fashion sense and leave a lasting impact.

When it comes to praising someone’s fashion sense in Korean, you can use the phrase ‘멋있어요’ (meosisseoyo), which means ‘stylish’ or ‘cool.’ This compliment highlights their ability to put together trendy and fashionable outfits.

Another option is ‘패션 감각이 좋아요’ (paesyeon gamgagi johayo), which means ‘you have good fashion sense.’ Use these phrases to show your admiration for their impeccable style and make them feel confident in their fashion choices.

Complimenting a Well-Groomed Appearance

Having a well-groomed appearance can leave a lasting impression on others and boost your confidence. It’s important to take care of your physical appearance by maintaining a clean and neat appearance. This includes neatly trimmed hair, clean nails, and well-fitting clothes.

Additionally, paying attention to personal hygiene can make a big difference. Regularly washing your face and using moisturizer can help maintain a fresh and healthy complexion.

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Remember, a well-groomed appearance shows that you take pride in yourself and can make you feel more confident in any situation.

Expressing Admiration for Handsome Celebrities

Celebrities who have a well-groomed appearance and capture the attention of many are often admired by fans worldwide. In Korea, there are several handsome celebrities who are highly regarded for their looks.

For example, Kim Woo Bin is known for his sharp features and charismatic presence. Park Seo Joon is another heartthrob with his charming smile and stylish fashion sense.

These celebrities not only excel in their careers but also serve as role models for their fans.

Tips for Delivering Compliments in Korean

When you’re in Korea and want to express admiration for someone, try using these tips for delivering compliments in Korean.

First, use the phrase ‘너무 멋져요’ (neomu meotjyeoyo) to say ‘you’re so handsome.’

Second, add the word ‘정말’ (jeongmal) before the phrase to emphasize your sincerity.

Third, use the word ‘잘생겼어’ (jalsaenggyeosseo) to say ‘you’re good-looking.’

Finally, remember to maintain eye contact and use a friendly tone when delivering your compliment.


In conclusion, learning how to say ‘handsome’ in Korean is a great way to compliment someone’s appearance and make them feel good.

Whether you use casual slang, formal expressions, or flattering words, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Additionally, complimenting someone’s facial features, fashion sense, or well-groomed appearance can further enhance the compliment.

And if you want to express admiration for handsome celebrities, there are specific phrases for that too.

Just remember to deliver compliments with sincerity and respect to make a lasting impression.