Ways To Say Handsome In Portuguese

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Are you interested in learning how to compliment someone’s looks in Portuguese? Well, look no further! In this article, we will explore several ways to say ‘handsome’ in Portuguese.

From ‘atraente’ to ‘deslumbrante,’ you will discover a variety of words that can be used to express admiration for someone’s appearance.

By using these terms, you will be able to impress your Portuguese-speaking friends and make them feel good about themselves.

So, whether you want to compliment a friend, a romantic partner, or simply want to expand your Portuguese vocabulary, this article is for you.

Get ready to enhance your communication skills and bring a smile to someone’s face with these beautiful Portuguese expressions!


He’s the most atraente guy I’ve ever seen!

With his chiseled jawline, piercing eyes, and confident demeanor, he effortlessly commands attention wherever he goes.

His impeccable sense of style only adds to his allure, as every outfit he wears seems tailored to perfection.

It’s not just his physical appearance that makes him atraente, but also his charisma and charm that draw people towards him like a magnet.


Despite being a small word, ‘bonito’ encompasses a myriad of attractive qualities in Portuguese. When you use this term to describe someone, you’re acknowledging their physical beauty and charm.

It also implies a sense of elegance and refinement. ‘Bonito’ can refer to both men and women, making it a versatile compliment.

So, whether you’re admiring someone’s striking features or their overall appeal, ‘bonito’ is the perfect word to express their handsomeness in Portuguese.

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Furthermore, when describing someone’s physical beauty and charm in Portuguese, the word ‘lindo’ encapsulates a sense of elegance and refinement. It is a term that not only acknowledges attractiveness but also acknowledges the inner qualities that make a person captivating.

‘Lindo’ denotes a combination of physical allure and a magnetic personality. It is a term that signifies a rare and extraordinary beauty that goes beyond just looks, making it a truly powerful word in Portuguese.


Imagine being in a room full of people, and immediately noticing someone who exudes charm and charisma – that person is charmoso.

With their confident smile, captivating eyes, and graceful demeanor, they effortlessly attract attention and admiration.

Their charisma is magnetic, drawing people in and making them feel special. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by their charm.

They have a way of making everyone around them feel important and valued.

That’s the power of being charmoso.


The gato strutted gracefully across the room, his sleek black fur glistening in the soft, dim light. As you watched, captivated by his elegance, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration.

His piercing green eyes seemed to hold a mysterious allure, drawing you in closer. With every step he took, his confident presence filled the air, making it impossible to look away.

Truly, this gato embodies the essence of true handsomeness.


You’ve already learned that ‘gato’ is a way to say handsome in Portuguese. Now, let’s explore another term: ‘maravilhoso.’

This word means marvelous or wonderful and can be used to describe a person’s good looks. It captures the essence of someone who is not only attractive but also captivating and impressive.

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So, if you want to compliment someone’s appearance, ‘maravilhoso’ is a great choice.


An enchanting word in Portuguese to describe someone’s captivating beauty is ‘encantador.’

It is a term that encompasses more than just physical attractiveness, as it also implies a certain charm and charisma.

When you call someone ‘encantador,’ you are acknowledging their ability to captivate others with their presence.

It is a word that perfectly describes the allure and magnetism that someone possesses, making them truly irresistible.


Belo, a word that goes beyond physical appearance, carries a profound essence of beauty in Portuguese. When you describe someone as ‘belo,’ you are acknowledging their captivating and attractive qualities.

It encompasses not only their outward appearance, but also their inner charm and charisma. This term reflects a deep appreciation for the harmonious balance between aesthetics and personality, making it a powerful compliment that celebrates the beauty within a person.


Formoso is a word that perfectly describes a person who possesses not only physical beauty but also an undeniable charm. When you see someone who is formoso, it is impossible not to be drawn to their presence. Their elegant features and graceful demeanor make them stand out in any crowd.

Formoso is a term that embodies true beauty and magnetism.


Imagine being in the presence of someone deslumbrante, their radiance and beauty captivating you completely.

Their mere existence is a work of art, as they effortlessly command attention with their stunning features and magnetic presence.

Every glance in their direction leaves you breathless, unable to tear your eyes away from their mesmerizing allure.

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Their deslumbrante aura is truly a sight to behold, leaving you in awe of their unparalleled charm and attractiveness.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to say ‘handsome’ in Portuguese. Whether you prefer to use ‘atraente,’ ‘bonito,’ ‘lindo,’ or any of the other options, you can easily express admiration for someone’s good looks.

It’s important to note that different words may carry slightly different connotations, so choose the one that best fits the context.

With these options at your disposal, you can confidently compliment someone’s appearance in Portuguese.