Ways To Say Nice In German

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Are you planning a trip to Germany and want to brush up on your language skills? Well, look no further! In this article, we will explore various ways to say ‘nice’ in German.

From ‘ausgezeichnet’ to ‘fantastisch,’ you’ll discover a range of expressions to convey your appreciation in different contexts. Whether you want to compliment someone’s work, a delicious meal, or simply express your admiration, this guide has got you covered.

By using these words, you’ll be able to connect with locals and show your genuine interest and respect. So, get ready to expand your vocabulary and impress those around you with your German language skills.

Let’s dive in and learn the many ways to say ‘nice’ in German!


You’ll be delighted to know that ‘ausgezeichnet’ is a fantastic word to use when you wanna express your admiration for something or someone in German. It’s a versatile term that means ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’.

Whether you’re praising a delicious meal, a breathtaking view, or a job well done, ‘ausgezeichnet’ is the perfect choice. Its positive connotation and strong impact make it a go-to word for expressing your appreciation in German.


Indulge in the delightful sensation of Herrlich, as it brings a touch of magnificence to your everyday life.

This German word encapsulates the feeling of pure joy and splendor. It’s the perfect way to express admiration and appreciation for something truly wonderful.

Whether it’s a breathtaking sunset or a delicious meal, Herrlich is the ideal word to convey your awe and delight.

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Embrace the beauty that surrounds you and embrace the Herrlich experience.


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sensation of Großartig, as it adds a touch of grandeur to your everyday experiences.

This word embodies greatness and excellence, effortlessly expressing admiration and awe.

Whether it’s a breathtaking view, an outstanding performance, or a remarkable achievement, Großartig captures the essence of something truly remarkable.

It elevates your language and conveys genuine appreciation, allowing you to recognize and celebrate the incredible things around you.


Feeling the wunderbar energy of the crowd, you danced with joy at the concert.

The music enveloped you, resonating deep within your soul. Every beat and melody seemed perfectly orchestrated, weaving a tapestry of emotions.

The atmosphere was electric, and you couldn’t help but lose yourself in the moment. It was an experience like no other, leaving you with memories that would forever be cherished.


The Tolle philosophy encourages you to be present in every moment, enabling a profound self-awareness and a greater understanding of the world around you. By embracing this philosophy, you can experience a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the present moment.

Tolle reminds you to let go of past regrets and worries about the future, and instead focus on the beauty and joy that can be found in the present.


Schön, meaning beautiful in German, is a word that encapsulates the essence of appreciating the present moment and finding joy in the simple pleasures of life. It’s a versatile term that can be used to describe a variety of things. From a breathtaking sunset to a well-designed piece of artwork. Schön is a powerful word that acknowledges and celebrates the beauty that surrounds us. It reminds us to cherish the little things in life.

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Now that you know how to say ‘schön’ in German, let’s explore another great word: ‘hervorragend.’

This word is perfect for expressing admiration or praise. It can be used to describe something exceptionally good or outstanding.

Whether it’s a delicious meal, a fantastic performance, or a remarkable achievement, ‘hervorragend’ is a powerful way to convey your appreciation.

So go ahead and use this word to impress your German-speaking friends!


With its charmingly pleasant nature, nett is a delightful German word that effortlessly conveys warmth and kindness. Whether you’re complimenting someone’s appearance or praising their helpfulness, nett is the perfect word to use.

It’s a versatile term that can be applied to people, actions, and even gestures. So, next time you want to express appreciation or show gratitude in German, remember to say ‘nett’ and watch the smiles light up the room.


Imagine yourself strolling through the streets of Germany, and you come across a vibrant and bustling market. As you navigate through the crowd, you overhear a conversation where someone describes something as ‘prima.’

In German, ‘prima’ is a casual way to say ‘nice’ or ‘great.’ It’s a versatile word that can be used to express satisfaction or approval. So, the next time you want to compliment something in Germany, remember to use ‘prima.’


As you explore the vibrant streets of Germany, you’ll discover that ‘fantastisch’ is a word locals use to convey genuine excitement and admiration for something remarkable. It’s a popular term that captures the essence of pure joy and amazement.

Whether it’s a breathtaking view, a delicious meal, or an unforgettable experience, ‘fantastisch’ is the perfect word to express your awe and appreciation.

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Embrace the German culture and let this word add a touch of enthusiasm to your conversations.


In conclusion, there are many ways to express ‘nice’ in German. From ‘ausgezeichnet’ to ‘fantastisch,’ these words capture the essence of something great or wonderful.

Whether you want to compliment a person or describe something positive, these expressions will come in handy. So next time you want to say ‘nice’ in German, remember these words and impress your friends with your language skills.