Ways To Say Pretty In Korean

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Are you interested in learning how to express beauty in Korean? Do you want to know different ways to compliment someone’s appearance or describe something as beautiful? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will explore various words, phrases, adjectives, and synonyms for ‘pretty’ in Korean. Not only will you expand your vocabulary, but you will also gain insight into the cultural significance of beauty in the Korean language.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Korea or simply want to impress your Korean friends, knowing how to express beauty will surely come in handy. So, get ready to enhance your language skills and learn all the tips and tricks for using ‘pretty’ in Korean conversation.

Let’s dive in!

Expressing Beauty in Korean

When it comes to expressing beauty in Korean, there’s a multitude of ways to say ‘pretty.’

You can use the word ‘예쁘다’ (yeppeuda) to describe someone or something as beautiful.

Another common word is ‘아름답다’ (areumdapda), which means beautiful or lovely.

If you want to compliment someone’s appearance, you can say ‘이쁘다’ (ippeuda).

Additionally, the word ‘고운’ (goun) can be used to express beauty in a more elegant or refined way.

Complimenting Someone’s Appearance

Although it may seem unconventional, you can express admiration for someone’s physical attributes in the Korean language using eloquent language.

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There are various ways to compliment someone’s appearance in Korean. For example, you can say ‘너무 이쁘다’ (neomu ippeuda) which means ‘you are very pretty’ or ‘너무 멋지다’ (neomu meotjida) which means ‘you look amazing.’

It’s important to use these phrases sincerely and respectfully to make the other person feel appreciated and valued.

Describing Something as Beautiful

One can express their admiration for the beauty of something in the Korean language by using eloquent language. To describe something as beautiful, you can use the word 아름답다 (areum-dap-da). This word captures the essence of beauty and can be used to describe anything from a breathtaking landscape to a stunning piece of artwork.

The pronunciation is ah-reum-dap-dah. So, next time you want to express how beautiful something is in Korean, remember to use 아름답다.

Words for Pretty in Korean

To really emphasize how attractive someone is in Korean, you can use the word ‘예쁘다’ (yeppuda), which means ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful.’ It is a versatile word that can be used to describe both people and things.

In addition to ‘예쁘다,’ there are other words you can use to say ‘pretty’ in Korean. For example, ‘아름답다’ (areumdapda) means ‘beautiful,’ ‘귀엽다’ (gwiyeopda) means ‘cute,’ and ‘매력적이다’ (maeryeokjeogida) means ‘attractive.’

Each of these words has its own nuances, allowing you to express different aspects of beauty.

Phrases for Beauty in Korean

In the realm of aesthetic appreciation, the Korean language offers an array of linguistic expressions that aptly capture the essence of beauty.

When it comes to describing someone or something as beautiful, there are several phrases you can use. You can say ‘아름다워’ (areumdawo) which means ‘beautiful,’ or ‘예쁘다’ (yeppeuda) which means ‘pretty.’

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These phrases not only convey physical beauty but also highlight the inner beauty that radiates from within.

Vocabulary for Beauty and Attractiveness

Embrace your allure and charm with a rich vocabulary that effortlessly captures the essence of beauty and attractiveness in Korean. Enhance your conversations by incorporating these words:

  • ‘미남’ (minam) for a handsome man
  • ‘미녀’ (minyeo) for a beautiful woman
  • ‘매력적인’ (maeryeokjeogin) for attractive
  • ‘아름다운’ (areumdaun) for pretty

These words perfectly encapsulate the beauty and attractiveness that Korean culture values.

So go ahead and confidently express your admiration for someone’s looks in Korean!

Adjectives for Pretty in Korean

Captivating and enchanting, Korean language offers a plethora of adjectives that effortlessly convey the ethereal beauty of a person. When it comes to describing someone as pretty in Korean, there are several options to choose from.

For a delicate and elegant beauty, you can use the word ‘yeppeuda.’

If you want to emphasize a more youthful and cute charm, ‘kwiyeopda’ is the perfect choice.

Additionally, ‘miwodo’ can be used to describe someone as beautiful and attractive in a more general sense.

The richness of the Korean language allows you to accurately capture the various aspects of beauty.

Synonyms for Pretty in Korean

Now that you know some adjectives for pretty in Korean, let’s expand your vocabulary with synonyms for pretty. These synonyms will help you express a range of different levels of beauty in Korean.

By learning these synonyms, you’ll be able to describe people, objects, or situations that are attractive or pleasing to the eye. This will allow you to communicate more effectively and add depth to your conversations in Korean.

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Cultural Significance of Beauty in Korean Language

The cultural significance of beauty in the Korean language can be observed through the intricate vocabulary used to describe varying levels of attractiveness.

In Korean, there are numerous words to express the concept of beauty, each with its own unique nuances.

From words like ‘yeppeuda’ and ‘choegoui’ to describe someone as pretty or beautiful, to words like ‘michin’ and ‘jalmotaesseo’ to convey extreme levels of beauty, the Korean language reflects the importance placed on appearance in Korean culture.

Tips for Using Pretty in Korean Conversation

Are you ready to learn some useful tips on incorporating ‘pretty’ into your Korean conversations? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • There are different ways to express ‘pretty’ in Korean depending on the context. One common way is to use ‘예쁘다’ (yeppuda), which means ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’. Another way is to use ‘이쁘다’ (ippeuda), which has a similar meaning.

  • These words can be used to describe people, objects, or even experiences. So, whether you want to compliment someone’s appearance, a beautiful scenery, or a delicious meal, you can use these words to express how ‘pretty’ it is!

Remember to practice using these words in different situations to become more comfortable incorporating ‘pretty’ into your Korean conversations.


In conclusion, learning how to express beauty in Korean is a valuable skill for anyone interested in the language. By understanding the various ways to say pretty in Korean, you can effectively compliment someone’s appearance or describe something as beautiful.

Additionally, knowing the cultural significance of beauty in the Korean language can help you navigate conversations with native speakers.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to confidently incorporate pretty into your Korean vocabulary and engage in meaningful conversations about beauty.