Ways To Say Stop In German

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Are you planning a trip to Germany or just interested in learning the German language? Knowing how to say ‘stop’ is essential for effective communication. In this article, we will explore various ways to say ‘stop’ in German.

By using a second person point of view, we will guide you through the different phrases and expressions commonly used to halt an action or bring something to an end. From the straightforward ‘Halt!’ to the more casual ‘Hör auf!’ and ‘Stopp machen,’ we will provide you with a comprehensive list of options.

Learning these phrases will not only help you in everyday situations but also ensure that you can effectively communicate your intentions and boundaries. So, let’s dive in and discover the different ways to say ‘stop’ in German.

Halte an

Halte an, denn manchmal ist es notwendig, innezuhalten und über die Konsequenzen unseres Handelns nachzudenken.

Es ist wichtig zu erkennen, dass unsere Handlungen Auswirkungen haben können, sowohl auf uns selbst als auch auf andere. Indem wir anhalten, geben wir uns die Möglichkeit, unsere Entscheidungen zu reflektieren und mögliche negative Konsequenzen zu vermeiden.

Das Stoppen kann uns helfen, unsere Prioritäten zu überdenken und besser informierte Entscheidungen zu treffen, die langfristig positiver sind.

Hör auf

Lass es sein, es reicht! Hör auf, das bedeutet ‘stop’ auf Deutsch. Wenn du jemandem sagst ‘Hör auf’, dann bittest du ihn, aufzuhören, was er gerade tut.

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Es ist eine klare und direkte Anweisung, um eine Handlung zu beenden. Es ist wichtig zu wissen, dass ‘Hör auf’ eher umgangssprachlich ist und nicht in formellen Situationen verwendet werden sollte.


Enough is enough! Put an end to it, for ‘Stopp!’ is the powerful German command that demands an immediate halt.

When you need to convey a sense of urgency and authority, ‘Stopp!’ is the perfect word to use. It’s short, concise, and easily understood by both native speakers and learners of German.

So next time you want someone to stop in their tracks, remember to shout ‘Stopp!’ and make an impact.

Lass das sein

Put an end to it and desist from doing that; it’s time to change course. If you want to say ‘stop’ in German, you can use the phrase ‘Lass das sein.’

This is a common way to tell someone to stop doing something. ‘Lass’ is the imperative form of the verb ‘lassen,’ which means ‘to let’ or ‘to allow.’ ‘Das’ means ‘that’ and ‘sein’ means ‘to be.’ So, ‘Lass das sein’ literally translates to ‘Let that be.’


Hold on tight because we’re about to dive into a powerful and commanding word that’ll make you feel like you can take control of any situation: ‘Halt!’

This simple yet effective word is the German equivalent of ‘stop’. It’s often used to command someone to halt or cease their actions immediately.

‘Halt!’ carries a sense of urgency and authority, making it a useful tool in situations where quick and decisive action’s required.

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Stopp sagen

Wow, saying ‘stopp sagen’ in a lively conversation can really grab everyone’s attention and bring a fun twist! When you want to say stop in a clear and direct manner, ‘stopp sagen’ is the perfect phrase to use. It’s a simple and effective way to halt any activity or conversation.

The word ‘stopp’ is pronounced like ‘stop’ in English, making it easy to remember and use in various situations. So next time you need to stop something, remember to say ‘stopp sagen’ and watch as everyone listens!


You can cancel any activity or conversation by simply saying ‘cancel it’ in German. The word for ‘cancel’ is ‘abbrechen’. It’s a straightforward and direct way to stop or terminate something.

Whether it’s an appointment, a plan, or a discussion, using ‘abbrechen’ will effectively convey your desire to end it. Remember to pronounce it as ‘ab-breh-hen’ to ensure clear communication.

So, next time you need to stop something, just say ‘abbrechen’!


Cease! ‘Aufhören’ is the German word that’ll make you feel empowered to put an end to something that no longer serves you. Whether it’s a bad habit, a toxic relationship, or a draining job, ‘aufhören’ gives you the power to stop.

It signifies a decision to break free and move on. So, if you wanna take control of your life and say stop in German, remember ‘aufhören’ and reclaim your freedom.


Pause! If you’re looking to put an end to something that no longer serves you, ‘stoppen’ is the word you need to remember.

It’s a powerful and direct way to say stop in German. Whether you want to stop a bad habit, stop a conversation, or stop an action, ‘stoppen’ can be used in various contexts.

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So next time you need to halt something, remember to use ‘stoppen’ and make your intentions clear.

Stopp machen

You’ve learned about the word ‘stoppen’ as a way to say stop in German.

Now let’s move on to another phrase, ‘Stopp machen.’ This phrase is commonly used to tell someone to stop or halt. It’s an informal way of saying stop and is often used in everyday conversations.

Remember to use it when you want someone to cease their actions immediately.


To conclude, there are several ways to say ‘stop’ in German. The most common expressions include ‘Halte an,’ ‘Hör auf,’ and ‘Stopp!’ These phrases are used to command someone to cease their actions or to bring something to a halt.

Other alternatives include ‘Lass das sein,’ ‘Halt!,’ ‘Abbrechen,’ ‘Aufhören,’ ‘Stoppen,’ and ‘Stopp machen.’

It is important to note that the choice of phrase may vary depending on the context and the level of urgency required.