4 Ways to Say Good Morning in Arabic

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Learning any language usually begins with getting to know how to greet correctly.

This is a really important moment of communication, without which it will be difficult for you to start a conversation with a person on a positive note.

It is even more important to know how to properly start the first part of the day – the morning.

A morning greeting can set you and your interlocutor in a good mood for the whole day.

Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly which words and phrases should be used and what meaning they carry.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the common ways (and their detailed meanings) and learn how to say good morning in Arabic.

All Variants of the Phrase Good Morning in Arabic

صباح الخير Sabah El KheirGood morning
صباحو SabahoMorning
يسعد صباحك Yeseed SabahakGood morning
صباح الياسمين Sabah El YasmineMorning full of jasmine
صح النوم Sah El NomWakey wakey

 صباح الخير Sabah El Kheir

Sabah El Kheir is the easiest way to wish a person good morning.

The phrase is translated literally and is the most popular among the rest.

This expression will be understood in all dialects of Arabic and it will be appropriate in both formal and informal settings. You will definitely hear it in Arab countries.

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To answer, use the phrase Sabah an-nur سباح النور, which means “morning full of light”.

In Egypt, the answer is slightly different and sounds like Sabah il-ward سباح الورد, which literally means “morning full of roses”.

صباحو Sabaho

This phrase is a short version of the phrase whose full form sounds like ‘Sabah El Kheir’.

The equivalent of “Sabaho” in English is a short informal form of greeting “Morning”. In Arabic, it is usually used to greet loved ones, friends, and family.

يسعد صباحك Yeseed Sabahak

Such a longer version of the morning greeting is translated as “have a happy morning”.

It can be a bit tricky to use in conversation as it is important to change it according to who you are addressing. Consider gender and number of people.

To greet a man use the form يسعد سباحك Yeseed Sabahak, with a woman choose ‘Yeseed Sabahek’.

If you want to wish good morning to two people or more, use ‘Yeseed Sabahkom’.

صباح الياسمين Sabah El Yasmine

This form of the phrase literally means “a morning full of jasmine”.

Kindness and tenderness towards the person with whom they greet and emphasize the beauty of the morning are invested in it.

You can use it in informal communication and conversations with loved ones.

صح النوم Sah El Nom

This way of morning greeting is dialectal and you can find it in Lebanese and Syrian versions.

It is difficult to translate the phrase literally, but its meaning is close to the English “wakey, wakey”.

It is usually used in an informal conversation when addressing a person who has just woken up and still wants to sleep.

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Such a greeting can also be used humorously and annoy a person who is late.

How to Say Good Morning in Arabic – Video Guide

Good Morning in Arabic – Final Thoughts

There are many ways to wish good morning in Arabic and it is worth knowing how to choose and use them correctly.

Such a greeting carries hope and happiness after waking up and positivity for the coming day.

Phrases can vary in meaning depending on the circumstances and the people to whom you say them.

Having mastered these greeting options, you will be able to spread the joy of the morning with loved ones without problems.

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