Ways To Say Good Luck In Korean

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Looking to expand your Korean language skills? Want to impress your Korean friends or colleagues with some well-wishes? Look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the various ways to say ‘good luck’ in Korean.

From formal expressions to informal phrases, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re wishing someone luck in a specific occasion or just want to casually wish them well, we have the perfect phrases for every situation.

We’ll even delve into traditional Korean well-wishes and business settings, so you’ll be prepared to offer luck in any context. Plus, we’ll throw in some fun and unique ways to wish good luck, so you can stand out from the crowd.

Get ready to impress and spread good fortune with these essential Korean phrases!

Formal Expressions for Good Luck

Now, let me show you some formal ways to wish someone good luck in Korean.

One common expression is ‘행운을 빕니다’ (haeng-un-eul bim-ni-da), which translates to ‘I wish you good luck.’

Another phrase you can use is ‘행운 가득하길 바랍니다’ (haeng-un ga-deuk-ha-gil ba-rab-ni-da), meaning ‘I hope you are filled with good luck.’

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These formal expressions show respect and sincerity when wishing someone luck in Korean.

Informal Ways to Say Good Luck

Hey, wanna know how to wish someone luck in Korean? Well, when you’re talking informally, you can say ‘행운을 빌어’ (haeng-un-eul bil-eo) which means ‘wish you luck’.

Another way to say it is ‘행운을 빌게’ (haeng-un-eul bil-ge).

These expressions are commonly used among friends, family, and close acquaintances.

So, next time you want to wish someone luck in Korean, try using these informal phrases!

Good luck!

Common Phrases for Wishing Good Luck

When you want to send someone positive vibes in Korean, there are some phrases you can use to express your well wishes without using the word ‘luck’.

One common phrase is ‘화이팅’ (hwaiting), which is similar to saying ‘fighting’ in English and is used to cheer someone on.

Another phrase is ‘행운을 빕니다’ (haenguneul bibnida), which means ‘I wish you good luck.’

These phrases are commonly used in various situations to convey encouragement and best wishes to others.

Good Luck Expressions for Specific Occasions

Feeling nervous about your upcoming job interview? Here’s a phrase you can use to wish someone good luck in Korean!

For job interviews, you can say ‘화이팅!’ (hwaiting), which is borrowed from English and means ‘fighting’ or ‘do your best’. It’s a popular expression used to encourage and motivate someone.

So, next time you want to wish someone good luck for their job interview in Korean, remember to say ‘화이팅!’

Traditional Korean Well-Wishes

Remember to add a touch of tradition to your well-wishing by using these charming Korean phrases!

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When wishing someone good luck in a traditional Korean way, you can say ‘화이팅’ (hwaiting), which means ‘fighting’ and is often used to cheer someone on.

Another common phrase is ‘행운을 빌어요’ (haenguneul bireoyo), which means ‘I wish you good luck.’

These phrases will surely bring a smile to the recipient’s face and show your appreciation for Korean culture.

Polite Ways to Wish Good Luck

Now that you’ve learned about traditional Korean well-wishes, let’s explore some polite ways to wish good luck in Korean.

It’s important to show respect when offering good luck wishes, so using polite language is key.

Koreans often say ‘화이팅’ (hwaiting) which means ‘fighting’ and is used to encourage someone.

Another common phrase is ‘행운을 빕니다’ (haeng-un-eul bib-ni-da), which translates to ‘I wish you good luck.’

Casual Ways to Say Good Luck

Cheer someone on with the phrase ‘You’ve got this!’ to boost their confidence and show your support.

In a casual setting, you can say ‘화이팅!’ (hwaiting) which conveys the idea of fighting and not giving up.

Another way to say good luck casually is ‘조심해!’ (josimhae), which means ‘be careful’ but can also be used to wish someone luck.

These phrases are commonly used among friends and peers to encourage and motivate each other.

Wishing Good Luck in Korean Business Settings

In Korean business settings, it’s essential to convey your best wishes by using culturally appropriate phrases to ensure a successful outcome.

When wishing good luck in this context, you can say ‘화이팅’ (hwaiting) or ‘행운을 빕니다’ (haenguneul bimnida).

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These phrases show your support and positive energy towards the person or team.

It’s important to be respectful and professional when using these phrases, as they can help strengthen relationships and foster a positive environment for business dealings.

Good Luck Sayings and Proverbs in Korean

Fostering a positive environment in Korean business settings is achievable through the use of culturally significant proverbs and sayings. These expressions not only convey good luck wishes but also reflect Korean values and beliefs.

For instance, the saying ‘토끼가 무서워서 풀에서 뛰지 않는다’ (The rabbit doesn’t jump in the field because it’s scared) encourages bravery and taking risks.

Incorporating these proverbs into conversations can create a sense of unity and motivation among colleagues.

Fun and Unique Ways to Wish Good Luck in Korean

Looking for a creative twist to send positive vibes to someone in Korea?

Why not try some fun and unique ways to wish them good luck in Korean?

Instead of the usual ‘화이팅’ (hwaiting) or ‘행운을 빌어요’ (haengun-eul bireoyo), you can say ‘펜을 들고 행운을 쓰세요’ (pen-eul deulgo haengun-eul sseuseyo), which means ‘Hold a pen and write your luck.’

It’s a playful and encouraging phrase that adds a touch of creativity to your well wishes.


In conclusion, there are various ways to wish good luck in Korean, depending on the formality of the situation and the relationship between the speaker and the recipient.

From formal expressions to casual phrases, there are options for every occasion.

Additionally, traditional well-wishes and sayings add cultural depth to these wishes.

Whether it’s for a specific event, business setting, or just a casual conversation, knowing how to say good luck in Korean is a valuable skill.

So, next time you want to wish someone luck, try one of these fun and unique phrases!